In decorative soap making, this 3-day summer workshop series will show you how to create a variety of beautiful and creative bars of soap. Choose from various molds and colors to create your own unique soaps that can be used as gifts or conversation pieces in your kitchen and bathroom. Milee Ahn will show you her tips and tricks on how to create fun and colorful designs. Each person will make in total between 5-6 bars of soap by the end of the workshop.

A large grouping of bars of soap in neutral, earth tones.

Milee Ahn

About the Teaching Artist

Milee Ahn has many years experience as an interior architect and an ongoing interest in craft. By combining her training in design with her love of handmade decor, she creates beautiful items to adorn the home and the individual. Through her classes, she is pleased to share her many years of expertise to nurture and incubate personal creativity and talent while teaching the basics and fundamentals.

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