Storytelling predates and supersedes every human advancement, from fire to flight. Why? Because narratives are not just part of who we are, they are who we are. Stories help us make sense of our world, and provide context for the messy business of being alive and human all at once. Stories bridge the divisive gaps between our respective experiences and ideologies and through them, we discover our shared humanity.

Acting itself is primarily a function of storytelling.  But as with so many artistic wounds, the art of acting can often feel like it’s only reserved for people with enough designated “talent.” But beneath the veneer of perceived glitz, acting is really the art of being fully present, connected, energetically open, and in the moment. And that’s something that happens to be available to just about anybody…if you’re brave and curious enough to give it a shot.

All levels are welcome in this workshop, from beginner to seasoned actor. In this workshop, we will explore the use of the breath, body, voice–all trainable, physical skills that allow us to deliver stories with impact.  As a teacher, I subscribe to no single pedagogy, but prefer to tailor the approach to the individual or group that I’m working with. This class will include the use of both classical and contemporary text, improvisation and exercises that will help develop and deepen the actor’s practice.

Prerequisites are a willingness to try new approaches to working with yourself and connecting with the text. A little courage goes a long way.

Participants should come prepared with some material that is meaningful to them. This can be from a play, a film, an excerpt of prose or poetry, etc. Be familiar with the text(s) you choose, but this does not have to be memorized.



Shira Hofmekler Gregory

About the Teaching Artist

SHIRA HOFMEKLER GREGORY is a recent transplant from NYC where she has worked as a professional actor and acting coach for over a decade. Gregory was a member of the Original Broadway Cast of FROST/NIXON starring Frank Langella and Michael Sheen, and appeared in the film Breaking Upwards by Daryl Wein & Zoe Lister-Jones (Mister Lister). Shira has been lucky enough to learn from the very best in the industry, and is inspired to lend her expertise to whomever might be curious (or serious) about acting.