Make art with students and friends who love to get creative too! Each week, we will introduce a new project or subject to get our creative juices flowing. From textiles and fiber art to drawing, painting and sculpting, there is so much to explore. This class is all about enjoying the art-making process and having fun experimenting with different supplies, so join the club! New projects and subjects will be explored, so both new and continuing students are welcome. *This class is a part of our Certificate in Fine Arts Program and will give each student one point towards their CiFA certification.

Tween Art Club

Jessica Schadt

About the Teaching Artist

Jessica Schadt is a lifelong artist, athlete & fitness enthusiast. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from Tyler School of Art, Temple University and works primarily in photo/video arts, digital art & design, artisan crafting and arts, as well as in flow & circus arts such as hoop dance. Jessie has several hoop dance videos featured on www.hooping.org, and a background working at various companies doing all things creative; from copy writing to digital editing & archiving to hoop dance and beyond!

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