Artisans and Crafter Store for Handmade Items

Whole World Arts in MarketFair Mall

Artisans and Crafters, please use this form (button below) to enter handmade items for our new store at Whole World Arts in MarketFair Mall.

We are seeking handmade, functional and decorative objects created by artisans with a focus on handmade and sustainable items.  Work must be original and handcrafted by the artist.  This is a rolling submission and we will continually be evaluating and accepting work.  Artisans will be notified if their items are selected for Whole World Arts.

The Details:

  • All handcrafted items will be juried through our online submission process.  Items and the mediums that can be submitted include: apothecary, basketry, ceramics/pottery, fiber/textile, glass items, jewelry, leather goods, metal arts, non-perishable food products, paper crafts and journals, woodworking, and more.  
  • Items must be handcrafted by the artisan.  Artisans Vendor must inform WWAC if their items are sourced out to a third party, or if Artisan Vendor is selling items made by another person. 
  • We are asking each Artisan to submit up to 10 items.  Once accepted, jewelers and selected artisans will be asked for additional items.  The information you provide will be used on our website and in marketing and promotion.
  • Accepted pieces are to be delivered to the arts center or Whole World Arts as directed by staff.  Each item must be bagged individually, with a label attached: name of business, first and last name of artist, and title of pieces. Label on the items must match the information you provided in our form. 
  • If all items are sold, WWAC may request additional items.
  • WWA Artists Members will be offered a 75/25% split on the sale price (75% to Artisan and 25% to WWA).  For all others, we are offering a 70/30 split on the sale price (70% to artist, 30% to WWA).  Note on pricing:  For items exhibited at MarketFair Mall, we need to add a 12% surcharge to the price.  Your percentage will still be based on the price you give us. For example, if you give us a price of $300, your 70% will be $210 ($300 x 70%).  The price listed for the consumer will be $336 ($300 plus 12% of $300).
  • Artisans and Crafters will be given a contract with a specific end date, which can be extended on WWA request.

JURORS: WWAC Exhibition Committee

Submission Fee:
There is no fee to enter your items for our store.

Before you begin:

It may be helpful to have the following information ready before you begin the form:

  • Artist info: name as it will appear on wall labels, contact information, website (if applicable),
  • Bio 
  • Artist statement – this should be about the work you are submitting to us 

For each artwork:

  • Title, description, materials used, dimensions, quantity, sale price or not for sale, insurance value
  • Each item must be individually photographed.  This is the image that will be used in our online store.  Image must show the entire item, against a plain background if possible.  Image must be in focus.  Image must be labeled as follows: name of business_last name_first name_title/name of item.jpg

Note on the following fields:

  • Title: Each item must have its own unique title
  • Description:  This is important.  This is what customers will read when they are shopping for your product.  Make it appealing.
  • Materials used: List what you used to create this product.  People have many allergies so we need to provide this information.
  • Quantity: Use this for multiples of the same item.  For example, if you are submitting 10 bars of the same soap, you can enter a quantity.  If you are submitting 10 footstools with each one covered in a different fabric, then you need to enter each one individually.  

If you have any questions, please reach out to Kimberly at Kimberly@westwindsorarts.org

Use this button to enter your items: Form