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The Faculty/Student Show
2020-2021 Fall, Winter and Spring Sessions

A celebration of the work of our teaching artists and their students.

Dates of show: May 18 to July 9, 2021

Available for viewing in our gallery on most Tuesdays and Wednesdays by appointment. Please contact kimberly@westwindsorarts.org

Exhibiting Artists: Zakia Aziz Ahmed, Aadhya Badrinarayan, Anshu Basu, Natalie Braynor, Evelyn Braynor, Allora Chandhok , Rashad Davis, Tammy Dawkins, Dylan Ellis, Wyatt Ellis, Ryan Gilleece, Anna Hersh, Aaliya Huang, Callie Jacobs, Lori Langsner, Eleni Litt, Nora Parkin, Neeyam Patel, Anusha Saran, Barbara Schaeffer, Sarika Solomon, Kyna Sood, Arleen Szatmary, Katie Truk, Sachi Varma, Sreenidhi Vempaty, Millan Walsh.

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Princeton Junction, NJ (May 7, 2021)  —  The Faculty Student Show at West Windsor Arts will celebrate the work of teaching artists and their students created in a class or workshop at WWAC during the Fall, Winter, or Spring sessions of the 2020-2021 class year.  The online exhibition will run from May 21st  to July 9th, with an online opening reception and recognition of Certificate of Fine Arts (CiFA) students on Friday, May 21st at 7:15pm.  This is a free event, but registration is required.

Each year WWA honors its talented teaching artists and the outstanding work created by its students, both youth and adults, by showcasing their work in a culminating exhibition, the Faculty Student Art Show.

The professional Teaching Artists who comprise the faculty are accomplished in their fields and uphold the highest integrity in their work. With small class sizes there is plenty of one-on-one instruction, allowing for a personalized approach to help students of all ages achieve their learning goals. WWA values learners as creative, innovative individuals, who benefit from work in the arts no matter what their challenges, goals, or life’s work.  WWA could not be prouder of the work these individuals have accomplished.

Faculty highlighted in the exhibition and the art forms they teach include: Rashad Davis – Character Creation and Digital Illustration, Ryan Gilleece – Comics, Animation, and Character Design, Lori Langsner – Plein Air: Capture the Moment, Eleni Litt – Doodling Meet Up, Zakia Ahmed – Guided Oil Painting for Adults, Anusha Saran – Foundations Artscape, Barbara Schaeffer – Acrylic Studio and Drawing, Sarika Solomon – Watercolor, and Katie Truk – Drawing and Watercolor.

Adult students featured in the show include: Anshu Basu, Tammy Dawkins, and Arleen Szatmary.

Youth students featured in the show include:  Aadhya Badrinarayan, Evelyn Braynor, Natalie Braynor, Allora Chandhok, Dylan Ellis, Wyatt Ellis, Anna Hersh, Aaliya Huang, Nora Parkin, Neeyam Patel, Kyna Sood, Sachi Varma, Sreenidhi Vempaty, and Millan Walsh.

This year is extra special as many of the youth students are also part of the Certificate of Fine Arts (CiFA) program, which has become the backbone to the arts education classes offered at WWA.  The artwork of the young students in the CiFA classes demonstrate their exceptional growth over the course of the year.  Through sequential learning and skill building, students select the Visual Arts or Performing Arts CiFA track and make a commitment to achievement in the arts. Students in these classes have progressed through foundational classes in their chosen track and are ready to advance to the upper levels of achievement.

According to Kirsten Sanford, Education Manager, “It’s been a challenging year for everyone and I am impressed with the way both our students and faculty were able to adapt to new online classes, programs and camps. To see creativity and collaboration thrive has been such a joy and speaks volumes to everyone’s efforts to nurture the arts during a difficult time. ”

West Windsor Arts is proud to announce the following students have completed the Foundation 1 program towards their Certificate in Fine Arts: Aadhya Badrinarayan, Dylan Ellis, Wyatt Ellis, Sibianis Gonzalez, Callie Jacobs, Ada Lee, Nora Parkin, Neeyam Patel, and Sachi Varma. In addition, Sebastian Monti has advanced to the Foundation 2 program towards his Certificate in Fine Arts.

The third year of CiFA will begin Fall 2021. Students will see new and exciting programs to participate in, such as animation, adaptable art, and many more. Current popular foundation classes, such as drawing, watercolor, and theatre will continue to be offered in the fall as well.