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Dates of the Exhibition: May 17 to July 9, 2022

LOCATION: West Windsor Arts Center

Exhibition Opening

Sunday, May 22, 2022 from 4 to 6pm at West Windsor Arts
Exhibiting students and faculty are encouraged to attend the event to talk about their work.

The Faculty/Student Show celebrates the work of WWA teaching artists and their students. It is always exciting to see what everyone has been working on during the past year.  WWA will also recognize the achievements of all Certificate of Fine Arts (CiFA) students.

This year, students who have completed their level 1 or higher of our CiFA program and submit artwork to the Student Faculty Show will be a part of a separately juried process, done by the Education Committee. One CiFA student will be selected to hang their work permanently in the West Windsor Arts Center as part of our permanent display. All level 1 or higher CiFA students will be considered for this opportunity. Parents who are unsure of their child’s CiFA level status should reach out to kirsten@westwindsorarts.org.

Featured Artists
Teaching Artists: Zakia Ahmed, Lori Langsner, Eleni Litt, Susan Mitrano, Pratibha Raju, Sarika Soman, and Katie Truk
Adult students: Tammy Dawkins, Rupa Sanbui, and Barbara Weinfield.
Youth students: Tanish Aiyer, Gillian Appelget, Hayden Appelget, Isabelle Appelget, Nevin Benjamin, Seetha Chimalakonda, Milena Jade Deverell Cortez, Jenna Doyle, Dylan Ellis, Wyatt Ellis, Srinya Gottipati, Callie Jacobs, Alexandra Jacqueline, Niam Jain, Alexandra Lauzon, Jayna Nandakumar, Annabelle Nguyen, and Arna Pakanaty.

CiFA Students Completion
Foundation 1: Sam Selekman, Sasha Suresh Gautham, Alexandra Deverell, Milena Deverell, Nevin Benjamin, Jenna Doyle, Cara-Mier Marino, Mia Thomas, Amal Nurullayeva, Arthur Tomim, Melody Salrarini, Evie Fuller, and Norah Wright O’Toole.
Foundation 2: Ada Lee, Srinya Gottipati, Wyatt Ellis, and Annabelle Nguyen.

Recipient of CiFA permanent collection at WWA: TBA

Above we have highlighted a few on the works in the show.
To view all the art (Teaching Artists, youth and adults) please visit out gallery at the arts center.
More information and to purchase works by our Teaching Artists and adult students, please visit our online store for the Faculty/Student Show. 

Partnership Programs

West Windsor Arts is proud to extend its education program to reach new students through partnerships with local service organizations. By partnering with the following groups, we are able to provide access and learning in the arts for underserved communities who might not otherwise visit West Windsor Arts. We are very proud of the learning that they accomplished!


Eden Autism Services is a leading provider of educational and therapeutic ABA services to children and adults with autism in NJ. Students from this group are adults of varying ages and participate in a variety of arts projects through support of Eden Autism.

Trenton Public Library is the oldest library in New Jersey, founded in 1750 , and is more committed than ever to providing excellent library service to the citizens of Trenton. Students from this group are youth who regularly use the services of Trenton’s public library and participate in Digital Arts classes through a grant from BlackRock.

Dawn of Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency designed to empower and advocate for consistent health and wellness opportunities for minority girls and young women. Students from this group are teens from Trenton and participate in Digital Arts classes through a grant from BlackRock.

Faculty/Student Show
Faculty/Student Show
Faculty/Student Show