The Faculty/Student Show will celebrate the work of WWA teaching artists and their students. It is always exciting to see what everyone has been working on during the past year and all our students and teachers will get at least 1 piece of art in the show.  WWA will also recognize the achievements of all Certificate of Fine Arts (CiFA) students.  One student’s work will be selected to become part of our permanent collection at WWA.

Students may submit 3 works of art that were created in a class or workshop at WWA during the Fall, Winter, or Spring sessions of the 2021-2022 class year or Summer 2021 camps. There is no cost for submission. Teaching artists may submit 2 works of art.  The entry form is at the bottom of this page.

Dates of the Exhibition: May 17 to July 9, 2022

LOCATION: West Windsor Arts Center and Whole World Arts

Exhibition Opening: Sunday, May 22, 2022 from 4 to 6pm at West Windsor Arts
Exhibiting students and faculty will be encouraged to attend the event to talk about their work. 

MEDIUM: Any medium is acceptable, but the artwork must be original.  This is an online and in the gallery exhibition at both the arts center and Whole World Arts


1)Artwork needs to be an original piece that was created at the WWA in either a Fall 2021, Winter or Spring 2022 class or workshop, or Summer camp 2021. WWAC Staff and Teachers will evaluate the artwork submitted.

2) This show is both online and in our galleries. You will need to fill out our form and upload a photograph of your artwork and you will need to drop selected artwork off at the Arts Center.

2) Have the following information available before you fill out the online form
-Artist’s name and, if under 18, we need age of the student and parent’s information
-Title of Artwork
-Medium (material used to create the art)
-Sale price of each work or art can be listed as NFS (Not For Sale)
-Insurance value of each work (this is usually similar to sale price)
-Name of instructor and class (if you are not sure, Kirsten Sanford, Education Manager, can help you with this)
-Artist Statement: Tell us something about the work of art, the process of creating it, or about the teacher and the class.
-Be prepared to upload a good quality jpeg of your artwork.  It must be in focus and square to the frame.  If you need help photographing your art, please contact us. 

3) Drop off of artwork for Youth: We will accept art that is either just matted or is in a frame.  If you need assistance with framing please contact us.  

4) Drop off of artwork for Adults: The art must be framed with a wire across the back for hanging.


  • Entry deadline for form: May 6
  • Date to drop off artwork: Wed to Fri May 11 to13, 2022
  • Dates of Show: May 17 to July 9, 2022
  • Opening reception: May 22

ACCEPTED ARTWORK: Submission of form for inclusion constitutes an agreement between the artist and West Windsor Arts Council (WWAC) to the following conditions set forth:

  1. The exhibit will be displayed on our website, and in both our galleries (arts center gallery and lobby and Whole World Arts) in a way that best showcases all the artists and art to be exhibited. Note: The selection of artwork to be included in the show is to be a collaborative effort between the student, Teaching Artist and Education Manager. Ultimately it is the decision of the Education Manager as to which works of art will be accepted.  Everyone will get at least one work into the show.
  2. Artwork included in the show must remain on exhibit until the conclusion of the final exhibit date.
  3. Sale of Artwork: Work does not need to be for sale to be included, however WWAC encourages the sale of exhibited work. WWAC receives a 30% commission on all work sold, and the artist receives the balance (70%) of sale, (25%/75% for Artist Level Members). Please keep that in mind when pricing your artwork. WWAC is responsible for processing and collecting the sale proceeds for artwork and will remit payment for artwork by check to the artist within 21 business days of closing of the exhibit.  Artwork on display at Whole World Arts will have 12% add to the price for MarketFair fee.  Artist’s commission is based on the price they give us.
  4. Donation to encourage artists: WWAC wants to encourage all our artists, by allowing our public to make a donation in recognition of a specific work of art. 100% of the donation will go to WWAC to help support all the programs we have to offer.
  5. By participating in this exhibit, the artist gives WWAC permission to use the artist’s name, image, and images of accepted artwork in its publicity and marketing materials, and to photograph the artists and their work during events connected to this show.


Please click HERE for the entry form.