2020 Faculty/Student Show

June 5 to July 12, 2020



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By purchasing art, 70% to 75% of the purchase price goes directly to the artist.

Donations can be made in a student’s name.  WWAC wants to encourage all our artists, by allowing our public to make a donation in recognition of a specific work of art. 100% of the donation will go to WWAC to help support all the programs we have to offer.  Click HERE to make a donation.  Be sure to include the name of the student in the tribute box.  We will make sure to let them know.

Youth Artist Ashira Agarwal_Colorful Berries
College Library, assemblage / mixed media, 10" h x 7" w x 3" deep (closed) 14.5" wide when open, $200
Youth Artist Kyna Sood_Shadow Painting
Zakia Aziz_Granada, San Matias Realejo
Youth Artist Emre Celik_ Blueberry Bunch
Youth Artists Allegra Alexander_Pack a Snack
Youth Artist Dylan Ellis_The_Gate
Youth Artist Suhana Gupta_Sprouting Mushrooms
Youth Artist Victoria Rafikov_Fanart
Youth Artist Natalie Braynor_Just Me.
Youth Artist Srinya Gottipati_The Donut Store
Youth Artist Ruthvisri Harishkumar_Vase
Youth Artist Maya Shue_The Angled Parrot
Youth Artist Sritan Gottipati_The Mutant Squirrel
Youth Artist Anna Hersh_Flying Bee
Youth Artist Kamna Mamidyala_Trees