Generation Next: The Family Show

June 25 – August 17, 2018
Opening Reception July 8, 4 – 6 pm

This year our Generation Next exhibition will focus on families of artists. A fascinating look at the “art gene” and how it is utilized and carried from one generation to the next through the work of parents and children who are all working fine artists.

Susan Hoenig
John Shockey
Gwen Shockey
Alice Shockey

Nancy Azara
Nana Olivas

Elise Whittemore
Ella Whittemore

Liz Biddle
Megan Biddle
Michael Biddle

Joy Kreves
Ivia Sky Yavelow

Curated by Ivia Sky Yavelow
Featured image: Pileated Woodpecker, soft sculpture by Susan Hoenig


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February 1, 2018