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The Exhibits Committee of West Windsor Arts presents a new opportunity
for current Artist Level Members

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Merwick Care and Rehab Center is seeking exhibitions for their gallery space located in a hallway between their two buildings located at 100 Plainsboro Road, Plainsboro.

Artist Level Members are invited to have solo or small group shows in the space. Show dates will be given out on a rolling basis, first come first serve.

There is no fee for participation, and no percentage or commission for sold work will be due to West Windsor Arts or Merwick Care & Rehab Center.

Current Schedule (information about these artists can be found on our Artist Member Page)

January 7 to March 11, Margaret Kalvar and Shipra Khare
March 11 to May 6, Marzena Haupa and Magda Dodd
May 6 to July 8, D. Sheean and Jayme Eber
July 9 to September 9, Manveen Bindra & Nelly Kouzmina
September 9 to November 4,  Joseph Goldfedder and Audrey Jakab
November 4 to January 6, Margaret Simpson & Abigail Johnson

We are currently seeking artists for the 2024 calendar. To add your name to the list, please send an email to wwacexhibits@gmail.com
2024 dates:
January 7 – March 11, 2024
March 11 – May 6, 2024
May 6 – July 8, 2024
July 9 – September 9, 2024
September 9- November 4, 2024
November 4, 2024 – January 6, 2025

Artist responsibilities:

  • This opportunity is open to all West Windsor Arts Council current Artist Level Members. More information about membership can be found HERE
  • Artist Level Members can request either a solo or a group show based on the calendar set by WWAC Exhibit Committee.   
  • Solo show: Artists are expected to be current Artist Level Members during application and, once accepted, maintain their membership for the duration of the show. 
  • Group shows: All members of a group show must have an Artist Level Membership during application and through the duration of their show. Group show members are requested to designate their contact lead for all communications with WWAC /Merwick.
  • Artwork on display in the space should be sensitive to the potential audience, which includes patients recovering from major illness and surgery, or undergoing end-of-life care.
  • Once an Artist has their show accepted, they are to work directly with Merwick Care & Rehabilitation Center, in a timely fashion, to adhere as best as possible to the set dates for their show. They are to work with Merwick Care & Rehabilitation Center directly to set hang dates, removal dates, and date of opening reception (if applicable). 
  • Artists are responsible for the delivery of their art to Merwick Care & Rehabilitation Center, the hanging of the show (within any guidelines set up by Merwick Care & Rehabilitation Center), monitoring their work for the duration of the show, handling any sales of artwork, and the prompt removal of artwork at the end date of the show. 
  • Artists will be wholly responsible for their art and all liabilities associated with their person and for their materials, including artwork, and neither West Windsor Arts Council or the Merwick Care & Rehabilitation Center will provide liability or property insurance coverage to the parties in this relationship. 

Check out our Artist Level Membership page HERE.

If you are interested in a show, please send an email to wwacexhibits@gmail.com.

Please indicate if you would like a solo show or are looking for a group show. If you are organizing a group show with other Artist Members, please list their names and include them in the email.

The Exhibits Committee seeks active new members to assist in the coordination of this project, as well as other ongoing projects. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact Kimberly@westwindsorarts.org.

Past shows at Merwick
March 5 to  April 30, Nelly Kouzmina and Yun Li
Apr 30- June 11, Hetal Mistry and Sheila Mashaw
June 11- August 20, Ilene Dube and Karen Schoentiz
August 20- October 29, Divvya H Atrii and Rooma Sehar
October 29- January 7, Spriha Gupta  and Adriana Groza