Honoring Heidi Kleinman and Ted Ross Honoring Heidi Kleinman and Ted Ross

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Heidi Kleinman and Ted Ross

When the West Windsor Arts Council was voted into existence back in 2002, it happened at Heidi Kleinman and Ted Ross’ dining room table. That was just the beginning of their long and fruitful involvement with the development of this community resource.

The couple chose to move to West Windsor in 1998 from Belgium in order to raise their family in a community made up of people from around the globe. As civic-minded individuals, when the call came to establish an art center, they immediately raised their hands and got involved.

Being a licensed architect and artistically inclined, Heidi’s passion for the arts led her to join the founding board, use her skills to infuse the arts center designs with personal and artistic touches, and even to serve in public office in order to help fulfill the arts council’s mission.  Ted used his skills as a businessman to review documents, interview potential employees, and also served on the Film and Concerts committee. As a self-taught woodworker, he has also donated his time and materials to build several pieces for the arts center like the credenza at the office window, the Pantone and music note coat hangers, the Little Free Library, and most recently the new artisan display cabinet. Over the years their involvement has remained constant and they have served as valuable advisors, donors, and volunteers for whatever needed doing.

Whether loaning a truck or providing high-level expertise, these two have demonstrated without a doubt their commitment to the promise of the arts to build stronger and more cohesive community.

Thank you Heidi and Ted for your amazing service!