When an Eagle Scout Candidate, Rohan Sharma, approached us about being the recipient of his Eagle Project, our answer was an overwhelming, “Yes we accept!”  We first met Rohan when he served as a student volunteer at one of our Annual Gala Fundraisers several years ago.  He was a huge help back then and someone we hoped other student volunteers could model themselves after.  As Rohan explained, from his first experience at the arts center he knew he wanted to be able to give back to his community through creating something for West Windsor Arts.  Creating picnic tables for his Eagle Project was a natural fit. As he stated, “This project will be helpful to the beneficiary (WWA) since it will serve as the main component spacewise for their (outdoor) classroom. They will be holding summer camps, and the students can sit, eat, and work, all on the benches. The tables will be able to stay out year round, and they won’t need to be regularly maintained, making the project a long term help for them.”


Over the last couple of weeks, Rohan led his Troop, #168 of Plainsboro, in building the two picnic tables.  Aylin Green, Executive Director of WWA states, “We are so grateful for Rohan’s dedication, time, and effort into making these benches for our West Windsor Arts location. The picnic tables look great, and we are so excited to use them!”


Eagle Scout projects allow for the Scouts to plan, develop, and give leadership to others, while benefiting the organization being served. While Rohan grew in confidence and leadership skills, he also gave back to his community. Through this specific project, WWA was provided with services that will create a lasting impact on the community for many years to come.