the junction where the arts and community meet

I have been lucky enough to be a part of the West Windsor Arts Council team since October, and while my time here is ending sooner than I had hoped, I wanted to thank everyone involved with the organization for inspiring, and sometimes challenging me (in a good way!), these last months. WWAC is such a special place, and I think that is clear to anyone who is lucky enough to find their way here. The fact that the community made this organization happen and helps it to continue to thrive, is so rare and gives me so much hope! I’ve enjoyed meeting all of the wonderful people who make WWAC’s mission possible; from the the amazingly talented teaching artists, to the brilliant staff and board, to the children who have brightened up my evenings when they come to class, I have loved every minute of my time here!

In April, my husband and I will be moving down to Destin, Florida, into my grandmother’s home, where I have spent every summer since I was a child. It’s bittersweet because I will be leaving an AMAZING place, but I will think of you all when I am at the beach 😉 I have gained so much from working at WWAC, including a spirit of creativity which I had lost the past few years, so thank you for that and so much more! And, if you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods (or beach), please look me up!

Warm Regards,