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The mARTian Project is a creative placemaking initiative combining public art and local history.

Our mission is to provide high quality cultural programming that brings people together and transforms the world around us by inspiring, educating and promoting the arts and art appreciation for our diverse community. Will you join us?

Priscilla Snow Algava, “Balancing a New Terrain” mixed media.

Exhibition Highlight
Off the Wall
November 4 – December 21, 2018
Priscilla Snow Algava

Princeton artist and art teacher Priscilla Snow Algava has touched the hearts, souls and imaginations of so many people that it’s hard to describe her influence in any one way. Through bright, colorful and joyful paintings, warm and spirited watercolor classes and workshops, and welcoming pop-up galleries, Priscilla has mastered the art of giving—to her family, her students, her colleagues and her community.

A retired high school art teacher, Priscilla has never stopped teaching and sharing her special gift. She has taught many classes at the West Windsor Arts Council and has exhibited her work widely in the greater Princeton region. She has 3 works on view now in the Off the Wall show.

The artist Jacob Landau was a big influence on Algava. Landau taught Algava “how important it is to be passionate in making art, and how important the human being is as a subject. There’s a dialogue between the artist and the viewer and the work, a circle of reflection,” she says. “Each viewer brings something, sees something different, and that’s OK – that visceral response from a viewer makes art a vehicle for change.”

More of Priscilla’s lively works are on view and for sale in the Off the Wall show and in the foyer gallery at the arts center. Stop in to see her work and consider adding them to your collection.

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I’m so glad I accepted your invitation to take the poetry class, and I encourage others in the community to partake of the many offerings there.

— Frida Bagel

As a member, donor, and volunteer, I can tell you that this is an organization with heart.  The value you get from being a member far exceeds what you pay to join.  WWAC is contributing to development of a creative, healthy community.  I support them in every way I can.

— Jaime An-Wong, Artist

My son loved it there! It was the perfect experience for him to grow artistically. Every day he looked forward to creating and learning. I am grateful for the experience the scholarship provided.

— Ahmad Shakir, Parent