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In the Gallery
Off the Wall Affordable Art Show

Closing Reception December 22, 4 – 6 pm

Featuring over 100 original works of art priced at $300 or less.

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In the Gallery
Community Art Project
“What if You Fly?”

We invite the community to take a risk, try something new, and make a feather to become part of this large set of wings in our lobby. As each person’s feather is added, we build our strength and make something beautiful together. Come take your photo with the wings and share #whatifyoufly #wwac #communityarts

based on a poem by Erin Hanson and murals by Kelsey Montague

Our mission is to provide professional quality community arts programming in order to support, educate, inspire and promote the arts and art appreciation. Will you join us?

Event Highlight
Masquerade: A Night in Disguise

On Saturday evening, March 3, 2018 dance the night away while enjoying thematic décor, fine foods and spirits. Our celebration at the West Windsor Arts Center will feature raffles, games, and must-have artist works alongside wonderful prize packages all in support of the arts and education programs of WWAC.

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Resources for Artists

Open Call

Exhibit your work in an upcoming show. Click here to see the latest opportunities.


Teaching    Opportunities

We’re seeking artists to lead classes and workshops for kids, teens, & adults.

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Seeking Curators

Propose a future exhibit that highlights the work of local artists and the diversity of our community.

I’m so glad I accepted your invitation to take the poetry class, and I encourage others in the community to partake of the many offerings there.

— Frida Bagel

As a member, donor, and volunteer, I can tell you that this is an organization with heart.  The value you get from being a member far exceeds what you pay to join.  WWAC is contributing to development of a creative, healthy community.  I support them in every way I can.

— Jaime An-Wong, Artist

My son loved it there! It was the perfect experience for him to grow artistically. Every day he looked forward to creating and learning. I am grateful for the experience the scholarship provided.

— Ahmad Shakir, Parent