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Featured Event

Pegasus Theatre Project presents Yasmina Reza’s award-winning comedy, ‘ART’, March 31-April 9, 2017.  ‘ART’ is a timeless comedy about three friends whose friendship is thrown into chaos when one of them buys a modern painting that another considers a joke, while the third is caught in the middle trying to keep the peace.  By exploring questions about what is art and what one’s taste in art says about the person, the friends come to address bigger issues that have been challenging their relationship.  Will they be able to resolve their differences, or have they grown too far apart? GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.


Featured Event
May 6th, 4 – 6pm

This one-day only event will introduce the ceramic, fabric and natural object environmental installation that is part of an evolving, ongoing project by artist Joy Kreves called “CRAVING NATURE – The Feast.” Composed as tables set up to greet 30 dinner guests, this exhibition premiere is part of a series of creative participatory events and will include a welcome drink, talk by the artist, and other activities designed by the artist. LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS ONE-DAY ONLY, SENSORY EVENT.


In the Gallery

Member Exhibition: The Natural Muse
Joy Kreves, juror

March 13 – May 6, 2017

Artwork by Members of the West Windsor Arts Council that is inspired by and focused on our connection to nature using one or more of the 5 senses.

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Spring Break Camp

From design through trial and success, we’ll be taking things apart and building anew. From classic engineering challenges to totally new concepts, we’ll be learning how to use various tools, our imaginations and problem-solving skills, even a 3D printer!


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Exhibition Highlight
Member Show: The Natural Muse
Bill Plank, Birth
Second Place Prize

Bill Plank earned his Associates Degree in Visual Arts from Mercer County Community College, and attained his Bachelors Degree in Art Education from Trenton State College. After teaching for twenty-five years, he retired to form his own art business called Plank Art Designs, selling a variety of merchandise such as prints, mugs and notecards using his original designs. Throughout his years of teaching, Plank continued to produce and exhibit his acrylic paintings at such places as Educational Testing Service in Princeton and Capitol Health System’s Mercer Hospital Campus, to name a few. Bill’s paintings are influenced by artists such as the Romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich, Andrew and James Wyeth, and contemporary illustrator/landscape painter Philip Travers.

“Much of my artwork concerns itself with rebirth and rejuvenation in nature. Through the use of symbolism, I present this theme in a subtle yet strong interpretation. The painting Birth depicts a flowering cactus which, despite adverse conditions, continues to bloom again each year — a perfect example of rebirth. Also reinforcing this theme, DaVinci’s embryo drawing represents a tribute to one of the greatest ‘observers of nature.’ The geometric globe represents worlds within worlds, for example, the womb as a living organ housing another life.”


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I’m so glad I accepted your invitation to take the poetry class, and I encourage others in the community to partake of the many offerings there.

— Frida Bagel

As a member, donor, and volunteer, I can tell you that this is an organization with heart.  The value you get from being a member far exceeds what you pay to join.  WWAC is contributing to development of a creative, healthy community.  I support them in every way I can.

— Jaime An-Wong, Artist

My son loved it there! It was the perfect experience for him to grow artistically. Every day he looked forward to creating and learning. I am grateful for the experience the scholarship provided.

— Ahmad Shakir, Parent