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September 15, 11 am to 5 pm

Food Truck Festival
Vaughn Parking Lot

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September 22, 4 to 6 pm

Opening Reception
STEAM: Math and Art

The mARTian Project is a creative placemaking initiative combining public art and local history.

Our mission is to provide high quality cultural programming that brings people together and transforms the world around us by inspiring, educating and promoting the arts and art appreciation for our diverse community. Will you join us?

STEAM: Math and Art

September 9, 2019 – November 1 • Opening Reception September 22, 4 – 6 pm

Artist Spotlight: Christopher Hanusa, Variable Voronoi, Digital image on watercolor paper.

“All of my artwork is inspired between the interplay between mathematics and art. Variable Voronoi is a fusion of art, geometry, and graph theory (the mathematical study of networks). Nodes are randomly placed on the page clustering near three attractors. The nodes shrink as they are drawn to the attractors, giving the image a fractal quality. Each node sits inside its own polygonal Voronoi cell colored algorithmically by its distance to the attractors.”


Member Show: Fiction, The Art Show

March 25 – May 17, 2019 • Opening Reception March 31, 4 – 6 pm

Artist Spotlight: Meta Dunkley Arnold | 1st Place Prize Winner

Meta Dunkly Arnold,
“Adeline at the Window”

Meta Dunkly Arnold makes found-object assemblages, and also teaches art to young children at Painted Oak Nature School and Art Sparks in Hopewell. Her background in English literature lends a narrative quality to many of her pieces, and her work as an educator inspires her to try to capture the excitement of discovering new things.

Artist Statement

“Many of my assemblage pieces are kinetic and interactive, inviting the audience to share my creative process by going on a “treasure hunt” of their own. This piece, ‘Adeline at the Window,’ portrays my favorite scene in Ann Radcliffe’s early gothic novel, The Romance of the Forest. Far from being a helpless maiden, Adeline rescues herself and saves all the characters. Here she escapes the scheming Marquis by climbing out a window. Opening a book opens a window for the reader, a process Radcliffe’s characters enact by deciphering older, hidden texts for clues to their own stories. Like art (especially assemblage), Gothic novels celebrate the process of discovery.”

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I’m so glad I accepted your invitation to take the poetry class, and I encourage others in the community to partake of the many offerings there.

— Frida Bagel

As a member, donor, and volunteer, I can tell you that this is an organization with heart.  The value you get from being a member far exceeds what you pay to join.  WWAC is contributing to development of a creative, healthy community.  I support them in every way I can.

— Jaime An-Wong, Artist

My son loved it there! It was the perfect experience for him to grow artistically. Every day he looked forward to creating and learning. I am grateful for the experience the scholarship provided.

— Ahmad Shakir, Parent