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Online summer arts camp is registering now! See our NEWS page for latest updates about COVID-19.

Arts Camps – Now Online!

As a leader in innovating online, we have designed our camps to minimize screen time and maximize fun! West Windsor Arts offers a variety of summer camps in media such as drawing, painting, photography, theatre and music. All are taught by highly accomplished teaching artists and our new online camps will give you the time you need while knowing that your child is engaged and happy with a variety of activities. Register today!

Priscilla Art Party
July 18
at 3:00 – 7:00 pm

Virtual Artmaking Event

Art & Healing
second week of Sept

Opening Reception

Volunteer Project

WW Arts
1000 Mask Donation

Our mission is to provide high quality cultural programming that brings people together and transforms the world around us by inspiring, educating and promoting the arts and art appreciation for our diverse community. Will you join us?

The mARTian Project is a creative placemaking initiative combining public art and local history.

I’m so glad I accepted your invitation to take the poetry class, and I encourage others in the community to partake of the many offerings there.

— Frida Bagel

As a member, donor, and volunteer, I can tell you that this is an organization with heart.  The value you get from being a member far exceeds what you pay to join.  WWAC is contributing to development of a creative, healthy community.  I support them in every way I can.

— Jaime An-Wong, Artist

My son loved it there! It was the perfect experience for him to grow artistically. Every day he looked forward to creating and learning. I am grateful for the experience the scholarship provided.

— Ahmad Shakir, Parent