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Choose from classes and workshops in Visual Arts, Literary and Performing Arts, Movement, and Fibers, Fabrics and Fashion Arts.

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Choose from classes in Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Movement and Fashion. Ages 4 to 18. Extended-day options.

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Choose from full-day and half-day summer camps, plus specialized fall and spring break camps.

About Our Programs

Fall 2024 classes are coming soon! Fall classes will be released and open for registration on Tuesday, August 6th.
West Windsor Arts believes there is an artist inside everyone and provides meaningful and engaging art experiences that are open to all communities. Our classes run in sequential sessions starting with the Fall and followed by Winter and Spring. We encourage students of all ages to continue each session in order to build skill, enjoyment, and growth as the year progresses as well as receive their CiFA certification.

Donate to the Youth Scholarship Fund

Our youth scholarship fund is severely depleted, so we desperately need your help to support our local families in need! Donations to our scholarship program have allowed us to directly provide tuition support for families in need to enjoy art classes and camps of their choice. Our staff chooses applicants based on financial need, interest in arts participation, and willingness to contribute toward their child’s success in the program. At times, we may also provide lunches, extended day care, or a travel stipend to our scholarship recipients. Many children are referred to us by family members, teachers, or social workers. To donate, click here

Looking for a Scholarship?

Here at the West Windsor Arts Council, we’ve seen the power the arts have to transform people, and we think EVERYONE should have access to that power. Through our scholarship program, we’re expanding access to the arts for all!

Please click here to fill out the form to apply for a scholarship to our award-winning camps and classes. Our staff chooses applicants based on financial need, interest in arts participation, and willingness to contribute to success in the program.

Certificate In Fine Arts With Art Classes NJ


The Certificate in Fine Arts (CiFA) program at West Windsor Arts Council

All young learners between the ages of 4-18 are invited to participate in our Certificate in Fine Arts (CiFA) program. CiFA students select either a Visual Arts or a Performing Arts track and progress from two years of foundational education to more advanced coursework within their area of study. This elective program is suitable for anyone committed to achievement in the arts.

For more information about the CiFA program, please email kirsten@westwindsorarts.org or call 609.716.1931 to learn more.

How does the Cifa Program work?

Each CiFa class earns students 1 point. For every 3 points earned, the student has finished a foundational program. Students will reach an advanced level by the end of the 2nd year and graduate out of the program. If interested, students can transition into the pre-college level. See below for the different levels students can achieve and the perks that come along with it!

  • Foundation I – earn 3 points, get a WWAC gift, name on completion wall
  • Foundation II – earn 3 points, get a certificate of completion, name on completion wall, award at student exhibition showcase
  • Journey I – earn 3 points, get WWAC gift, name on completion wall
  • Journey II – earn 3 points, get a certificate of completion, name on completion wall, award at student exhibition showcase
  • Advanced Level – earn 3 points, (graduation out of program or transition to Pre-College program) – get a certificate of achievement, special award at student exhibition showcase, official WWAC Artistic License
What types of classes will Cifa students take?

Throughout the years students have participated in programs such as Voice Training, Drawing, and Digital Illustration, just to mention a few. There is a wide array of programs and something for everyone!

Why should my child join the Cifa program?

Students will grow an appreciation for the arts and improve their creative and personal skills. They will learn to take risks, reflect on their actions, and have the opportunity to build their public speaking skills and art vocabulary.



FOR GENERAL INQUIRIES: Call 609.716.1931, Mon-Fri, 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., or email info@westwindsorarts.org

FEES: Prices go up incrementally in the lead-up to the start of classes, so early registration is recommended. All classes with insufficient registrations will be closed 48 hours before the class is scheduled to begin. We can run a class only if we know we have enough enrollment to pay our teaching artist. If you don’t register, we may end up cancelling a class that you want to take, so don’t delay!

CLASS REFUNDS: No refunds issued unless class is cancelled by the West Windsor Arts Council or for medical withdrawal. In case of medical withdrawal, a doctor’s note is required and a $25 administrative fee will be charged. Cancellations arising due to an Act of God will be credited to a similar future event.

CLASS CLOSINGS: Please carefully review your class dates for pre-scheduled “no class” closings and mark your calendars. Visit our website for up-to-date alerts regarding weather-related closings.

MAKE-UP CLASSES: In the case of a student’s absence due to illness or other reason, we regret that we cannot offer a make-up class. Teaching artists are paid for hours as scheduled and understandably cannot teach, unpaid, for a child who misses class. Please check your schedule carefully before enrolling to make sure that you have no schedule conflicts ahead of time.

Concerned about finding the right fit for you or your child? Give us a call and talk it through. We can help you to find just the right class to fit your needs.

By enrolling in one of our classes, you are giving the West Windsor Arts Council, its representatives and staff, permission to take photographs of your child when a class is in session. Photographs may be used for educational or marketing purposes, in print or electronically. Call 609.716.1931 for more information.

*Class Policy subject to change without advance notice.


What if I missed the first class or two of a session, can I still join?

Yes! If you have missed one or two beginning classes, please contact kirsten@westwindsorarts.org for prorate.

When is the best time to register?

About a month before our session begins we offer an early bird discount for 10% off each class. Subscribe to our newsletter and email list and you will be the first to know when the early bird begins.

What if I’m unsure about enrolling in a session, but would like to try it out?

You can trial any of our classes by purchasing only the cost of the first class. If the class is a fit, then we will charge you for the remaining classes afterwards. Contact kirsten@westwindsorarts.org to trial a class.

What does my materials fee cover?

Your materials fee covers the supplies and materials your child will use in their class. This includes direct supplies you may see in a project taken home, such as clay, paint, canvas, paper, etc. but it also includes materials you may not always see, such as high quality printed colored photos for reference work in the classroom. We are frequently replenishing our supplies, so your fee allows us to continue to purchase new supplies for students to use and replace damaged equipment and supplies. Each class has a different materials fee cost depending on the supplies used. For these reasons, materials fees cannot be waived.

Do You Offer Make-Up Classes If I Miss A Class?

No. Missing a class is the responsibility of the person or parent registering. If you get sick or have any plans that require you to miss a class, we ask that you kindly inform us so our teachers can make any adjustments needed in their lesson plans. It may be possible that a teacher can catch a student up on what they missed in the next class.

What Happens If The Teacher Gets Sick?

If a WWA teaching artist becomes ill, we will do our best to find a substitute teacher for the class. For adult classes, we will offer a make-up class, typically the week after the final class. Youth classes may also require a make-up class if a substitute teacher is not able to come in. During our winter session, a snow date may be used as one of the make-up dates.

How Do "Snow Dates" Work?

In our winter session classes, snow dates are included in the class schedule in case of snow emergency closures. If a class has 6 or more occurrences, 2 snow dates will be included. If a class has 1-5 occurrences, only one snow date will be included. If no snow closures occur by the end of the session, the snow dates will not be used and the class will end at it’s regular scheduled end date. It is important to keep the snow dates open and available in your schedule, as there will not be a refund option or “make-up” dates if you cannot make the snow date.

What is WWA's EIN Number for My Tax Purposes?

EIN# 03-0494648. If you need a formal receipt, please email kirsten@westwindsorarts.org or kay@westwindsorarts.org and include all the information you need included on the receipt.