Well-Being Ourselves: Reflect, Reimagine, Connect

On display at West Windsor Arts and Whole World Arts

August 31 to October 23, 2021

In person opening reception at West Windsor Arts on September 12, 2021 from 3 to 6pm

Hear from the jurors and artists starting at 4:30pm
All are welcome to attend.  Face masks and social distancing will be required.





Well-Being Catalog

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Each artist has provided us with their bio,
artist’s statement and their connection to the theme of this show.
We hope you enjoy reviewing the artwork
and hope to see you in our galleries to experience the work in person!

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Well-Being Ourselves invited artists to explore well-being in a time of growing awareness around mental health, including emotional, psychological and social aspects. Our shifted context has led to the potential for a revision of well-being.  How have conventional concepts reflected this shift for your lived experience?  Has this impacted ways you have been able to sustain yourself, your challenges and resilience?  Recent social justice tides have brought sweeping momentum, action and calls to reimagine justice and movement building.  Intersecting legacies of injustice and trauma can impact mental health and well-being.  How does your art or art-making reflect interdependence of communities and intersectional identities?  We sought art that could envision new ways of being that are relational, fight stigma, dismantle ableism, and uphold disability justice.

Jurors Chanika Svetvilas and Gwynneth VanLaven

Exhibiting Artists:  Terrance Cummings, Jayme Fahrer, Guga, Joseph Goldfedder, Nancie Gunkelman, Barry Hantman, Margaret Kalvar-Bushnell, Ray Kopacz, Nelly Kouzmina, Eleni Litt, Claire Moore, Sara Niroobakhsh, Avani Palkhiwala, Arushi Patel, K. Rose Quayle, Anandi Ramanathan, Joy Sacalis, Rooma Sehar, Aurelle Purdy Sprout, Chanika Svetvilas, Gwynneth VanLaven, Susan Winter, The-0

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The West Windsor Arts Center (WWAC) establishes a calendar of exhibits that draws on emerging and established local and regional artists and beyond that reflects the diverse cultural makeup of our community. The WWAC Exhibition Committee selects themes based on media, community interest, tie-ins to events and educational value.

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