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2020 Faculty/Student Show

June 5 to July 12, 2020


Online Opening Reception

Friday, June 5, 2020 at 7:15pm


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By purchasing art, 70% to 75% of the purchase price goes directly to the artist.

Donations can be made in a student’s name.  WWAC wants to encourage all our artists, by allowing our public to make a donation in recognition of a specific work of art. 100% of the donation will go to WWAC to help support all the programs we have to offer.  Click HERE to make a donation.  Be sure to include the name of the student in the tribute box.  We will make sure to let them know.

Youth Artist Ashira Agarwal_Colorful Berries
College Library, assemblage / mixed media, 10" h x 7" w x 3" deep (closed) 14.5" wide when open, $200
Youth Artist Kyna Sood_Shadow Painting
Zakia Aziz_Granada, San Matias Realejo
Youth Artist Emre Celik_ Blueberry Bunch
Youth Artists Allegra Alexander_Pack a Snack
Youth Artist Dylan Ellis_The_Gate
Youth Artist Suhana Gupta_Sprouting Mushrooms
Youth Artist Victoria Rafikov_Fanart
Youth Artist Natalie Braynor_Just Me.
Youth Artist Srinya Gottipati_The Donut Store
Youth Artist Ruthvisri Harishkumar_Vase
Youth Artist Maya Shue_The Angled Parrot
Youth Artist Sritan Gottipati_The Mutant Squirrel
Youth Artist Anna Hersh_Flying Bee
Youth Artist Kamna Mamidyala_Trees



Princeton Junction, NJ (May 29, 2020)  The Faculty Student Show at West Windsor Arts Council will celebrate the work of teaching artists and their students created in a class or workshop at WWAC during the Fall, Winter, or Spring sessions of the 2019-2020 class year.  The online exhibition will run from June 5 to July 12, with an online opening reception and recognition of Certificate of Fine Arts (CiFA) students on Friday,  June 5 at 7:15pm.  This is a free event but registration is required.

Each year WWAC honors their talented teaching artists and the outstanding work done by their students, both youth and adults, by showcasing their work in a culminating exhibition, the Faculty Student Art Show.  This year is extra special as this is the first year many of the youth students are part of the Certificate of Fine Arts (CiFA) program, which has become the backbone to the arts education classes offered at WWAC.  The young students in the CiFA classes have shown exceptional growth over the course of the year which can be seen in their artwork.  Through sequential learning and skill building, students select the Visual Arts or Performing Arts CiFA track and make a commitment to achievement in the arts. Students in these classes have progressed through foundational classes in their chosen track and are ready to advance to the upper levels of achievement.  Kirsten Sanford, Education Manager, “I congratulate all our students for their achievement this past year and look forward to seeing everyone again in the fall!”  West Windsor Arts Council is proud to announce the following students have completed our Foundation 1 program towards their Certificate in Fine Arts: Allegra Alexander, Aakarsha Ardey, Katie Blair, Natalie Braynor, Srinya Gottipati, Matthew David Mehno, Sebastian Monti, Annabelle Nguyen, Victoria Rafikova, and Maya Shue.

CiFA is the West Windsor Arts Council’s Certificate in Fine Arts, where students are invited to make a commitment to participate in our visual or performing arts classes. For each program a student participates in, they will earn one point. Once they have achieved three points, a student has then completed a foundational program.  Throughout the year, students have participated in programs such as Voice Training, Drawing, and Digital Illustration, just to mention a few. Their commitment to the program has allowed them to successfully achieve new skill sets and a passion for learning in their respective programs. Our second year of CiFA will begin Fall 2020. Students will see new and exciting programs to participate in, such as theatre, sculpture, and more digital arts programs. Current popular foundation classes, such as drawing, watercolor, and musical theatre will continue to be offered into the fall as well.

West Windsor Arts Council is also committed to offering engaging classes for adults.  Their  professional faculty are accomplished in their fields and uphold the highest integrity in their work. With small class sizes there is plenty of one-on-one instruction, allowing for a personalized approach to help students achieve their learning goals. WWAC values learners as creative, innovative individuals, who benefit from work in the arts no matter what their challenges, goals, or life’s work.  The Arts Council could not be prouder for the work these individuals have accomplished.

Faculty highlighted in the exhibition and the art forms they teach include: Emily Buchalski – The Art of Color and Drawing Foundations, Kimberly Ducote-Schimmel – Digital Photography, Judy Langille – Surface Design on Fabric, Lori Langsner – Art of Oil Painting, Eleni Litt – Doodling Meet Up, Aarti Mantri – Representational Drawing and Foundations of Painting, Zakia Ahmed – Guided Oil Painting for Adults, Pratibha Raju – Drawing and Painting Foundations, Sarika Soman – Watercolor, Katie Truk – Foundations Drawing, Painting and Sculpting, and Jennifer Yuan – Chinese Brush Painting and Calligraphy.

Adult students featured in the show include: Harvey Brodsky, Allegra D’Adamo, Tammy Dawkins, Joann Donatiello, Ilene Dube, Aylin Green, Kaija Greenberg, Shehla Khan, Maryanne Quinn, Wayne Redlich, Rupa Sanbui, Deborah Shapiro, Adria Sherman, and Xiyuan(Sherry) Zong.

Youth students featured in the show include: Ashira Agarwal, Allegra Alexander, Natalie Braynor, Emre Celik, Dylan Ellis, Srinya Gottipati, Sritan Gottipati, Suhana Gupta, Ruthvisri Harishkumar, Anna Hersh, Kamna Mamidyala, Victoria Rafikova, Maya Shue, and Kyna Sood.


About Exhibitions at WWAC

The West Windsor Arts Center (WWAC) establishes a calendar of exhibits that draws on emerging and established local and regional artists and beyond that reflects the diverse cultural makeup of our community. The WWAC Exhibition Committee selects themes based on media, community interest, tie-ins to events and educational value.

The six exhibits we present each year focus on high artistic quality art that showcases diverse multicultural themes and genres. For each exhibit the committee selects a juror from notable regional art educators, professional artists and museum/gallery directors, who choose works consistent with their standards of excellence and our artistic selection criteria.

Criteria for selecting artwork to exhibit at WWAC:


  • Competent use of media and artistic technical skill
  • Artistic sensitivity and emotional impact
  • Creative and innovative work to educate the public
  • Wall appeal to attract the public
  • Relevance to show theme (if applicable)