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Artisans: Alice Lea Designs, CartaBooks, Christa Schneider Ceramics, Heirloom Cards by Tamerra, It’s Only Natural Felted Vessels, Kristina’s Handmade Ceramics & Jewelry, Merry Madover Handcrafted Jewelry, Moxie Sorbet Designs, Scrumptious Scrubs & Soaps, Silver Creek Woodcrafters, LLC, The Bear Facts, The Little Charm Barn and Vinyasa Handmade.

Artists and Sculptors: Phyllis Anderson, Jodi Oster, Vimala Arunachalam, Mukti Belahal, Clara Beym, Vasundhara Bharatiya, Seema Bhattacharjee, Manveen Bindra, Maggie (Bee) Byram, Judith L. Caccavale, Connie Cruser, Kerry Dayton, Prachi Deshmukh, Julia Doemland, Deborah Eater, Johanna A Ericson, Jayme Fahrer, Gary Fournier, Julie Gallagher, Susan Gilli, Adriana Groza, Veena Kishore, Barry Hantman, D.J.Haslett, Joelle Hofbauer, Jeanette Gaston Hooban, Margaret Kalvar-Bushnell,
Nelly Kouzmina, Sue Kowalski, Renee M. Kumar, Lori Langsner, Yun LI, Concetta Maglione, Hetal Mistry, Vandana Nanda, Margarete Naperski, Joyce Parkinson,
Deborah W. Pey, Helene Plank, William Plank, Marla Powers, Ananthi Rajasekaran, Arleen Ramos-Szatmary, Edward Reilly, Kirsten Sanford, Barbara Schaeffer,
Namrata Sharma, C.a. Shofed, J. Marion Simmons, Margaret R Simpson, Poonam Singh, Vibha Singh, Reena Singh, Lucia Stout, Archana Vadivelu, Anne-Marie Woodrow, and Theo Yuen.


The Shop Local Movement Gets Creative at West Windsor Arts Council

Starting November 7th, you can shop online or by appointment for affordable juried artwork, at the 10th Annual Off the Wall Holiday Market.

With the 2020 holiday season just around the corner, West Windsor Arts Council invites you to shop safe, support local and celebrate the arts at its popular Off the Wall Holiday Market, now in its 10th year.

Traditionally, the two-day artisan market took place concurrently with the Off the Wall Juried Art Show, which featured works of art under $400. During that event, shoppers could purchase unique, carefully curated items, such as jewelry, pottery, sculpture, woodworking and textiles right on the spot. They could also purchase affordable artwork right “off the wall.” They can still do both, with a few notable distinctions.

“This year, we are putting the entire artisan market and art show online, but we are also offering time periods for a limited number of people to safely view the market items and artwork at the arts center,” explains Aylin Green, Executive Director of West Windsor Arts Council. “We understand that some people want to see artwork in person before they purchase it. For the safety of our community as well as the artisans, we adopted this hybrid approach along with the launch of a new online store.”

The online market will open on November 7th and remain online through the end of the year.

“We’re excited about the new online store and expect to keep it ‘open’ beyond the pandemic. Think of it as a museum store that primarily features the work of local artists and artisans, who really need our support right now,” says Green.

In that same spirit, West Windsor Arts Council is among the more than 1,400 artists, local arts and other nonprofit organizations, and chambers of commerce that will be participating in “Artist Sunday” on November 29th. This Thanksgiving weekend shopping event was conceived to encourage consumers to shop for handcrafted art this holiday season.

Community Art Project:  Art Against Racism


The West Windsor Arts Council and the African American Parent Support Group invited the greater West Windsor and Plainsboro community to participate in a community art project. No art experience was necessary to be a part of this effort to mark the West Windsor Arts Center as an anti-racist institution and to create community conversation.

We created this project with the belief that everyone has a seat at the table and everyone’s voice is important!

Community members creating the flags:
Jaime An-Wong, Bahree-Agarwal Family, Claire Coyle, Ilene Dube, Joan Druckman, Gary Fourier, Aylin Green, Latoya Edwards, Hersh Family, Carol Hoffman, Kathleen Hurley Liao, Isha Gawas-Sarma, Linda Geevers, Juliette Halpin, Sophia Kimm, Renee Kumar, Wey-Wey Kwok, Bruce Lindsay, Andrea  Mandel, Tessa Manolakos, Paigen Manolakos, Jenna Manolakos, Lori Marabella, Julia Marabella, Zia Ostarral, Yamini Pathak, People & Stories, Mishka Rastogi, Megna Rastogi, Aanya Rajesh, Kirsten Sanford, Carol Schepps, Kimberly & Bill Schimmel, Karen Schoenitz, Chanika Svetvilas

Special Thanks to you those who volunteered their time and the sewing expertise:
Jaime An-Wong, Maureen Connolly-Hersh, Ilene Dube, Latoya Edwards, Samhita Ghosh, Gina Holland, Valerie Nelson, Carol Schepps, Janet Serrano, Emmanuel Serrano

Artist Membership: Celebrating and supporting Artists on their creative journeys.

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Upcoming Exhibitions & Artist Opportunities

About Exhibitions at WWAC

The West Windsor Arts Center (WWAC) establishes a calendar of exhibits that draws on emerging and established local and regional artists and beyond that reflects the diverse cultural makeup of our community. The WWAC Exhibition Committee selects themes based on media, community interest, tie-ins to events and educational value.

The six exhibits we present each year focus on high artistic quality art that showcases diverse multicultural themes and genres. For each exhibit the committee selects a juror from notable regional art educators, professional artists and museum/gallery directors, who choose works consistent with their standards of excellence and our artistic selection criteria.

Criteria for selecting artwork to exhibit at WWAC:


  • Competent use of media and artistic technical skill
  • Artistic sensitivity and emotional impact
  • Creative and innovative work to educate the public
  • Wall appeal to attract the public
  • Relevance to show theme (if applicable)