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‘Off the Wall’: An Affordable Art Sale

Tuesday, November 5 to Friday, December 20, 2019


Closing Party: Friday, December 20, 4 to 6 pm

Now presenting the work of over 100 artists in “Off the Wall,” an Affordable Art Sale. As an affordable art sale, artwork will be offered at prices from $50 to $400. Artworks may be literally taken off the wall at the time of purchase.

Marla Powers’ artwork is representative of the unique art in various mediums and styles that one can see in this show. Powers’ art is influenced by her background in anthropology and her studies of the art of the Lakota people in South Dakota and the Pueblo people in New Mexico. Powers focuses on creating artwork that allows the viewer to sense the movement and energy of the subject matter. This fluidity is evident in Powers’ work cache-cache, mon amour which she created using encaustic collage and mixed media.

In addition to mediums such as encaustic, oil, acrylic, watercolor, photography, and printmaking, some artists used artistic techniques that relate to their heritage. Artist Ke He used traditional Chinese brush painting in her work Resting Whitle Ostrich. Each artist also considers how the viewer of the artwork might interpret the piece. Adriana Groza’s Aerial View is an acrylic representation of the ocean as seen from above. Groza emphasized that this aerial perspective gives the viewer flexibility in how he or she chooses to display the painting on the wall.

New this year, the West Windsor Arts Council is pleased to showcase thirteen works of art by participants in the Visual Arts Program at The Arc Mercer. The Arc Mercer has served people with special needs through empowering programs for 70 years. In the Visual Arts Program, participants grow as artists through lessons by professional art instructors.

The ‘Off the Wall’ show features artworks by the following artists: The Arc Mercer, Zakia Ahmed, Phyllis Anderson, Sherri L Andrews, Arjel Dizon Bautista, Kelly Becker, Megan Bessinger, Clara Sue Beym, Seema Bhattacharjee, Theresa A. Bowman Downing, Vincent Bush, Maggie Bee Byram, Judith Caccavale, Jim Carvalho, Hyelim Chang, Lina Chao, Denise D Croft, Sheetal Dalal, Ingrid Davis, Purnima Dharanipragada, Myron Jay Dorf, Disha Dua, Ilene Dube, Mary Leone Duffy, Robert Edelhauser, Johanna Ericson, Jayme Fahrer, Deanna Feinstein, Carol Feinstein, Teri Fiore, Gary David Fournier, Phyllis Gorsen, Forrest Greswold, Adriana Groza, Hulya Guler, Marilyn Hansen, D.J. Haslett, Ke He, Joelle Hofbauer, Jinwoo Jung, Margaret Kalvar Bushnell, Mita Karnik, Armor Keller, Jan Koczera, Lavinia Kumar, Renee M. Kumar, Snehal Siddhesh Kumbhar, Lori Langsner, Yun Li, Suri Long, Daniel C Luchansky, Christopher Mac Kinnon, Concetta Maglione, Aarti Mantri, Carol Hesse Marsland, Dominic Martelli, Helene Mazur, Dana McKay, Sweety Mehta, Judith A. Miller, Anika Mittal, Roberta Neutuch, Peggy Nicholson, Rekha Panja, Feelim Park, Nikita Patel, Don Perez, Deborah W. Pey, William Plank, Helene Plank, Marla N. Powers, William K. Powers, Sujan Rane, Robert Raphael, Dhruti Rathi, John S. Rounds, Barun Saha, Karen Schoenitz, Harry Schultz, Martin Schwartz, Rooma Sehar, Francisco Silva, Margaret Simpson, Poonam Singh, Reena Singh, Vibha Singh, Joan Stolpen, Rebecca Swan, Katie Truk, Jennifer Tungol, Archana Vadivelu, Andrew Werth, Susan Winter, Anne-Marie Woodrow, and Saima Yosuf.


Images shown:
cache-cache, mon amour, Marla N. Powers, 13” x 16”, mixed media encaustic collage
Resting Whitle Ostrich, Ke He, 19” x 25”, traditional Chinese brush painting
Aerial View, Adriana Groza, 24″ x 24″, acrylic

About Exhibitions at WWAC

The West Windsor Arts Center (WWAC) establishes a calendar of exhibits that draws on emerging and established local and regional artists and beyond that reflects the diverse cultural makeup of our community. The WWAC Exhibition Committee selects themes based on media, community interest, tie-ins to events and educational value.

The six exhibits we present each year focus on high artistic quality art that showcases diverse multicultural themes and genres. For each exhibit the committee selects a juror from notable regional art educators, professional artists and museum/gallery directors, who choose works consistent with their standards of excellence and our artistic selection criteria.

Criteria for selecting artwork to exhibit at WWAC:


  • Competent use of media and artistic technical skill
  • Artistic sensitivity and emotional impact
  • Creative and innovative work to educate the public
  • Wall appeal to attract the public
  • Relevance to show theme (if applicable)