GR8 Works


We invite you to be a part of the “Live and In Color” gala and the “GR8 Works” show by creating and selling an original artwork to raise funds for our art education programs benefiting young children, teens, and adults, as well as multi-disciplinary arts programming for the community, free of charge whenever possible. West Windsor Arts Council is a 501(c)(3) organization. EIN# 03-0494648


We will provide each artist with one 8×8” blank canvas, while supplies last, (or you can supply your own) to be part of our gala exhibition and sale. Use it to create anything you want! Showcase your style, or try something new. Your artwork will be hung in our galleries and offered for sale at a “Buy it Now” price of $88. You can choose to split that with West West Windsor Arts, or donate all of the proceeds to our cause. If you choose to donate 100%, we will thank you with a free virtual ticket to the Zoom version of the event.

We know everyone will want to get in on the chance to get some gr8 art at gr8 prices, and they will be able to do it from the comfort of home. The art will be available for purchase through our online app so that anyone can buy it, and they don’t even have to be at the gala.

Please fill out this FORM to provide the needed information about your art.


“Live and In Color” will be held on Saturday March 12, 2022 from 6 to 9 p.m. at the West Windsor Arts Center. With the spring festival of Holi right around the corner, we are inspired to join in the call to celebrate with the exuberance of the season. Our hybrid event will feature a festival-like atmosphere with arts activities, food, and lots of color! Guests viewing from home will also feel part of the action as our hosts, Mikel Cirkus and Sashi Sreekanth lead viewers through the experience. In-person attendance is for adults, 21 and over, only. Click here for more info

TIMELINE for GR8 Works

Monday January 10 – Friday Feb 4

Pick-up of 8×8” canvas at West Windsor Art Center.
Provide name and email for participation.

Monday February 21 – Wednesday February 23

Gr8 Works drop-off.
Send images of artwork, statements, bios, websites using this form <link to form>

Monday February 28

Art Sales begin online and in-person.

Saturday March 12 at 9 p.m.

Art Sales end.


Entry of artwork constitutes an agreement between the artist and West Windsor Arts Council to these conditions set forth:

  1. Open to artists of all ages. Artwork must be original and created by the Artist who submits it for the show. Google form must be completed and submitted in order to be included. Work not matching the digital images submitted will not be accepted.
  2. Each Artist may submit one (1) work of art in an 8×8” format for this show. They may use a canvas provided by West Windsor Arts, or their own substrate, as long as it has finished edges and is properly prepared at the back for hanging on the wall. No free-standing sculptures will be accepted.
  3. West Windsor Arts reserves the right to reject any work submitted at their discretion. The exhibit will be hung in the gallery and foyer at West Windsor Arts and/or at Whole World Arts in a way that best showcases all the Artists and art to be exhibited. Note: depending on space restrictions, not all work submitted may be hung. Artists will be notified immediately following final installation of the exhibit if a work is not included, or if any work submitted is not properly framed for hanging.
  4. Insurance coverage for accepted artwork begins upon completion of drop-off procedure on the designated date and time at West Windsor Arts or Whole World Arts and for the duration of the show.
  5. All artwork must remain in the show for the duration of the show. If the work is not sold, it will be returned to the Artist.
  6. There will be set dates and times for drop off and pick up of accepted artwork. Please do your best to adhere to these guidelines. There will be no shipping option.


  • West Windsor Arts will be responsible for processing and collecting the sale proceeds of art.
  • All artworks will be offered for sale at $88 each. West Windsor Arts will retain either 50% of the retail price ($44) and pay the balance of 50% ($44) to the Artist, or the Artist may elect to donate 100% ($88) of the sale to West Windsor Arts, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. If a 100% donation is selected, West Windsor Arts will provide the Artist with one virtual ticket to the gala event on March 12, 2022.
  • Payment for sold work will be made by check within 21 business days of close of the exhibit.

Note: West Windsor Arts retains the right to use the artist’s name and digital images of accepted artwork.