Spring Fund Drive – The Arts are for Everyone

We are here to make connections, inspire creativity, and be a catalyst for a better world. We invite you to support the accomplishments and future goals of West Windsor Arts by making a donation to the Spring Fund Drive. We rely on your donations in order to make these ideals into a reality. 

Your donations help us to:

  • Create artistic events that bring the community together for positive interactions and opportunities to meet their neighbors.
  • Collaborate with community service organizations to support social justice efforts through the arts, such as the Artists for Ukraine project.
  • Expand community engagement through public art projects, like the mARTian Project.
  • Share a vision of a just and sustainable world through the arts, like the Manifesting Beloved Community exhibition.
  • Be a safe space for expression where art is for everyone.

Now through June 30, 2023 every dollar you donate will be matched by our formerly anonymous donor, Rick Engel, up to $20,000!


Wonderful Ways to support the West Windsor Arts Council

Here are four easy ways to support West Windsor Arts Council programming, exhibitions and operations:
EIN # 03-0494648

Click below to read a poem by Elane Gutterman honoring Rick Engel’s longtime support.

West Windsor Arts Reveals Its Anonymous Donor



Donate Online!

Make a secure online gift today using any major credit card.
General Operating fund
Your donation supports arts and education programs for the community.

Print & Mail

Print this donation form and mail it with your check to:

West Windsor Arts Council
952 Alexander Road
West Windsor, NJ 08550 



Call 609.716.1931 Monday through Friday, 10 am – 6 pm.

You may wish to make a donation in honor of someone who has touched your life. Whether this person is a family member, community leader, or special friend, your gift will honor their contributions to the community by supporting this community resource. Your gift will be acknowledged to the person or their family and will be noted in our recognition efforts. Just include the information on your donation form. Make a gift in honor HERE.


Many corporations will match their employee’s contributions to non-profits if you notify them of your donation.  By doing this, your company’s generosity can in turn increase the impact of your donation to the West Windsor Arts Council dollar for dollar.  Some examples of companies with matching gift programs include Bristol-Myers Squibb, Johnson & Johnson, Merrill Lynch, and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The process is quick and easy. Please contact us with any questions. WWAC’s EIN # is 03-0494648.


Reach an active and engaged audience by sponsoring a program or event at West Windsor Arts! Sponsors of events receive recognition in all event-related marketing materials, and with it opportunities to grow new clients for your business. Your support through sponsorships builds healthy connections in the community and allows West Windsor Arts to continue to provide quality arts programming for all.  Contact Aylin Green, Executive Director, at 609.716.1931 to talk about a sponsorship package that works for your business.

Donate to the Priscilla Snow Algava Scholarship Fund

On April 23, 2019 Priscilla passed away at home surrounded by loved ones. We are deeply honored to have worked with Priscilla and benefited from her generous spirit. Her daughters, Alisa and Carin Algava wrote a beautiful obituary that truly captures her “see-beauty-everywhere light and love.”

Support support Priscilla taught us the joy that comes from creating and sharing through her encouraging and supportive spirit. We marveled at how painting remained a meditative and healing practice as she battled cancer. Through this initiative, we are able to perpetuate her legacy by launching the Priscilla Snow Algava Scholarship Fund to enable people of all ages who wish to pursue art classes at West Windsor Arts to do so despite any financial obstacles. The Priscilla Snow Algava Fund was established by former student Sherri Andrews. Please make a tax-deductible donation today!


Donate to our Youth Scholarship Program

Support supportIt’s no secret that children come alive when they work in the arts. Imaginations spark and developing minds thrive. In fact, studies show that high engagement in the arts leads to increased academic achievement, better attendance in school, increased motivation, and higher levels of community engagement.

We choose applicants based on financial need, interest in arts participation, and willingness to contribute toward their child’s success in the program. Many children are referred to us by family members, teachers, or social workers. Please help us continue this valuable program by donating today!

“I have had the great opportunity of working at West Windsor Arts this past summer. The atmosphere is undeniably kind, featuring a community of creatives that are passionate about their work.”

—Roxanne F.

2021-2022 Donor Honor Roll

The annual Honor Roll of Donors recognizes the generosity of those who have supported West Windsor Arts. As you read through the list, you will recognize many familiar names and some new friends who enable us to provide classes, camps, exhibits and activities that benefit community members of all ages. We thank each and every one of our donors.

Despite our best efforts, errors sometimes do occur. If your name was inadvertently omitted or misspelled, please let us know by calling 609-716-1931 or e-mailing info@westwindsorarts.org

Luminary $10,000 and over

Richard Engel
New Jersey Cultural Trust
New Jersey Economic Development Authority
New Jersey State Council on the Arts
NRG Energy
Site Centers

Savant $2,000-9,999

Carol E. Hoffman
Patel Brothers
Robert Wood Johnson Barnabas Health in Hamilton

Aficionado $800-1,999

Chris and Mikel Cirkus
Kathryn Stokel and Peter Ligeti – Aurora Fund
Hemant Marathe
Henry Murphy
Shefali Shah
Sashi Sreekanth and Sreekanth Kumar
Charles Schwab

Connoisseur $300-799

Alisa Algava
Carin Algava
Somia and Vijay Aluwalia
Jyotika Bahree and Avinash Agarwal
Dr. Thomas Chiola
Ilene Dube and Mark Schlawin
Antonina and Eduardo Garcia
Doreen and Richard Garelick
Elizabeth and Robert Garver
Elane Gutterman, Phd
Kaveri and Jayant Kalawar
Margaret Kalvar and Michael Bushnell
Susanne and Norman McNatt
Margo Salem
Karen Yee and Andrew Werth
Bergamot Asset Management
Constangy, Brooks, Smith, & Prophete
McCaffery’s Supermarket
Mercadien Consulting, LLC
Patidar Grocery
Rustin Farms
Smile Society General Dentistry PC

Backer $100-299

Teresa Adair
Zakia Ahmed
Deeptha Anand
Karen Cohen Bacharach
Helen and Art Bobrove
Susan and Alan Cohen
Maureen Connolly and Andrew Hersh
Joann Donatiello
Joan and Richard Druckman
Kimberly Ducote-Schimmel
Kristin and John Epstein
Neha and Jeffrey Fernandez
Kristine Flynn
Marci and Jeffrey Gelb
Sylvia and Peter Golden
Elliot Gordon
Aylin Green
Robert Kedoin
Heidi Kleinman and Ted Ross
Kristy and George Kyriakopolous

Lori Langsner
David Lentz
Kirsten Sanford and Peter Miller
Gail Mitchell
Tamerra and James Moeller
Andrew Morris
Bharati Narang
Scott Needham
Susan and David Parris
Chitra Patel
Barbara Peterson
Marissa Petrillo
Ruth and Michael Potts
Karen and Mirko Schoenitz
Holly and Richard Singer-Eland
Robert Taylor
Cristina Medeiros and Jeffrey Tryon
Jen Ping Wang
Ching T Watson
Ananta Creative Group

Admirer Up to $99

Stephanie Abdel-Malak, Anabis Acevedo Irizarry, Julie Adachi, Brigitte Aflalo Calderon, Ishita Agarwal, Gita Aggarwal, Priya Airen, Aziza Akhatova, Keri Aksman, James Aleski, Mary Victoria Algeri, Renee Altman, Kathryn Amon, Gargi Anand, Nomeda Aniukstis, Tracy G. Anthony, Jennifer Anzek, Blair Apgar, Ruth Arabatzis, Ulrike and Volker Arendt, Meta Arnold, Maedeh Asadzadeh, Harjeet K. Ashta, Divvya H Atrii, Shalini Attaluri, Chaitanya Attaluri, Daniel Aubrey, Linda Axelrod, Kavya Badlani, Manjul Bajaj, Jessica Bamrick, Sounak Banerji, Pooja Bansal, Anshu Basu, Alison Beecroft, Karen Belton, Paget Berger, Rajni Beri, Aparna Bhalivade, Anju Bhasin, Sandra Bierman, Manveen Bindra, John Bing, Randy Bishop, Arnab Biswas, Jaysree Boland, Ana Boltik, Bhaskar Borah, Charu Bountra, Susan R Weintraub and Michael Bramnick, Jessica and Peter Braynor, Michelle Brennan, Stacey Brinkman, Karen L Brodsky, Joanne Burns, Kristin Cabral, Judith Caccavale, Robert H. Cagan, Jennifer Campbell, Chuck Capehart, Eilleen Cardone, Kristina Chadwick, Shivali Chandhok, Shilpa Chandra, Gloria Chappell, Emmanuelle Chautard, Veronica Chen, Sandra Chen, Priyanka Chettri, Michael Chi Suen, Nikita Choksi, Shikha Chowdhury, Daniel Christel, Phyllis Church, Alice Clayton, Heather Coiro, Meghan Colarusso, Maria Connolly, Fabrice Covelli, Amy Craig and Chris Hefele, Christine Crane, Amelia Cronin, Natalie Czarnecki, Jasmine and Sunil Dadlani, Leslie Daise, Rorry Daniels, Suparna Das, Shweta Dasani, Carissa Davis , Gloria J Davis, Susanne Davis, Tammy Dawkins, Charli Decker, John Deitz, Mathi Deiva, Vasco “Bumper” DeJesus, Colleen Dell, Seda Demirbilek, Nancy Demme, Sharon DeNise, Anne-Marie Derouault, James DeSalvo, Sonali Deshpande, Brenda CortezDeverell and Mike Deverell, Tarvinder Dhingra, Judith Diamond, Lindsay Diehl, Angela Castano Diez and Jose DiezRico, Christina DiLiberto-Buls, Denise Dmochowski, Magda Dodd, Sabrina Doerrer, Ed Dreby, Noreen Duncan, Adria J Dwyer, Deborah Eater, Lisa Eber, Lalie Egbert, Kiruthika Elamparuthi, Nassie Elzoghby, Deniz Erdemir Lee, Beverly Eskra, Lace Essl, Sheliy Ewalt, Genevieve Fadayoni, Jayme and Dan Fahrer, Amy Faucera, Caroline Feiveson, Janet Felton, Louisa Ferber, Jane Fetter, Vanessa Figaro, Virginia Finley, Kathleen Finn, Carlo F Fiorentini, Nicole Fischer, Kate Fisher, Jennifer Fletcher, Boyong Flynn, Gary David Fournier, Hanna Fox, Leigh Anne Francis, Barbra Freeman, Susan Friedland, Amruta Gadre, Sonia Gaitan, Priti Gala, Stephen R Gale, Eileen Galton, Sara Gardiner, Shirali Gavaghan, Julie Gawlik, Sindhu George, Elizabeth George-Cheniara, Hina Ghory, Hina Zafar Ghory, Suchira Ghosh, Tapodipta Ghosh, Deepshikha Ghosh, LeeAnn Glozman, Gunjan Gogia, Linda Goldberg, Joseph Goldfedder, Isabelle Goldman, Cecelia Goldschmidt, Cindy Gordon, Monica Grabowski, Diana Gravitch, Kaija Greenberg, Peggy Gromenthal, Abby Gross, Adriana Groza, Levi Guerrero, Nataliya Guillot, Simin Gul, Malathi Gundapuneni, Spriha Gupta, Kiki Hagemann, Katherine Haines-Bornheimer, Laura Halderman, Kat Hamilton, Edward Hanratty, Marcia Hanratty, Barry M Hantman, Patricia Hardigree, Ronah Harris, Tina Harwani, D.J. Haslett, Marzena E Haupa, Eric Hawes, Valeri Hennessy, Kourtney Hester, Robin and Jeff Hoffman, Shohini Holden, Kandice Holko, Gina Holland, Jeanette Hooban, Carrie Hotchkiss, Lori K. Howard, Suvarna Hyakanuru Nagaraju, Jacqueline Illig, Miyeon Im, Madhura Inamdar, Archana Iranganti, Jim Israel, Alexandra and Juan Iturriza, Emma Ivaturi, Alice Jackson, Jennifer Jacobs, Nalini Jahangir, Geetu Jain, Serena Jain, Audrey Jakab, Cristina Jimenez-Ortigosa, Soumy Jimmy, Sharon Joag, Shagun Johri, Aarathy Joseph, Anu Joy, Sabala Kalvakota, Lenora Kandiner and Timothy Cresson, Wanda Kaplan, Mita Karnik, Nandhita Karunanithi, Ashmeet Kaur, Kristopher Keeley, Lestiel Emely Kelly, Sue Kelly, Shehla Khan, Majid Khan, Mina Khan, Soniya Kim, Jung Kim, Mary Kimm, Judith Kirschenbaum, Adina Konheim, Raymond Kopacz, Keerthika Koteeswaran, Nelly Kouzmina, Sara Kozameh, Teresa Kravitz, Lynda S Kresge, Catherine Kreyche, Dorota Krysinska-Saxena, Kevin Kudo, Leena Kulkarni, Mary Kuller, Lavinia Kumar, Monica kumar, Renee and Teddy Kumar, Fritz L’Esperance, Lisa Lach, Mindy S Langer, Karen Langevin, Flavia Laufer, Donna Lawrance, Hye Joon Lee, Joanna Lee, Jane Lee-You, Sonya Legg, Elisangela Leite, Melissa Leiva, Anita Leone, Patricia Leung, Livia Levis-Ruiz, Yun Li, Olga Liamkina, Christina Lin, Eleni and Neil Litt, Jacqueline Litwin, Pingxu Li, Xinmin Liu, Jin Liu, Davina Livinston, Michael Loftin, Artist LoMo, Jennifer Lord-Bessen, Lyric Lucas, Hongjuan Luo, Stephanie Lyon, Teresa C Lyon, Christopher MacKinnon, Merry Madover, N’Goundo Magassa, Concetta Maglione, ED, John Magovern, Ishan Mahajan, Geeta Mahajan, Jennifer Maia, Kalika and Vinay Malik, Andrea Mandel, Tricia Mandell, Rashmi Manjunath, Bev Mann, John Marino, Rebecca Marks, Lindsey Marra, Audrey Mars, Julie Martin-Kolb, Sonomi Maruyama, Sheila Mashaw, Amrita Mathur, Paul Matteson, Denise McDaniel, Barbara and Thomas McGeachen, Thomas McIntyre, Daryl McMillan, Rachel McNelis, David Meadow, Judith and Robert Mecklenburger, Silvia Medina, Zeshan Meer, Veronica and Christopher Mehno, Manal Mehta, Elena Melnik, Alisa Michel, Ann Marie Miller, Judith Miller, Lynn Miller, Nancy Miller-Koci, Miriam Mills, Cheryl Mintz, Kap Misar, Andrea Misir, Hetal and Kavin Mistry, Susan Mitrano, Andrei Mitrut, Manish Mohan, Susmita Mohanty, Mica Monge, Abelardo Montano, Claire Moore, Tilottama Mukherjee, Mariappan S Nadar, Anu Nambiar, Margarete Naperski, Andleeb Naquvi, Sudha Narayanaswamy, Aarti Nathan, Deanna Naylor, Madiha Naz, Elena Newman, Uyen Phan Nguyen, Janine Nichols, Charu Nigam, Sara Niroobakhsh, Tracy O’Toole, Laura OBrien, Krista Oeckinghaus, Amita Oka, Tatiana Oles, Sabina Opechowski, Angela Orvis, Neelam Padte, Sameer Pakanaty, Kristin Palombit, Sejal Pandya, Achla Parekh, Joyce Parkinson, Beth Passner, Toral Patel, Falguni Atul Patel, Arushi Patel, Raminder Pathak, Monika Pawlowska, Laura Pekata, Vid Perera, Anisha Perez, Kerry Perretta, Ellen Petroski, Theresa Pettersson, Deborah Pey, Susan Phillips, Linda Piffer, Rachelle Plonski, Jessica Pollak, Jennifer Pollard, Asia Popinska, Joann Portnoy, Stephanie Pugh, Zoya Pugh, Renata Pugh, K. Rose Quayle, Maryanne Quinn, Sandra Rabinowitz, Pratibha Raju, Chaitanya Ramineni, Arleen Ramos-Szatmary, Natalia Raoof, Joyce Rappeport, Felicia L. Reed, Eric Reid, Richard Rein, Charles Reinwald, Fay Reiter, Nazli Rex, Jenni Rispoli, Diane Roberts, Laura Roffe, Gail Rose, John Rounds, Aveek RoyChowdhury, Julie Rubin, William C Russell, Ellen Russo, Donald Ryan, Laura Sabatie, Mansi Sachdeva, Christina Saint Victor, Hanayo Sakamoto, Kia Salahuddin, Erica Saldarini, Andrea Salgian, Hemamalini Sambandam, Rupa Sanbui, Maria Sanchez, Kathleen Sanford, Nima Sanghvi, Dhivya Sanjay, Sharon Savage, Avinash Sawant, Ellen Saxon, Corin Schack, Carol and Jonathan Schepps, Christa Schneider, Alfia Schulz, Ellen and Michael Schwartz, Martin Schwartz, Nancy Scott, Monica Sebald-Kennedy, Rooma Sehar, Rubeena Sehgal, Rebekah Selekman, Christine Houng Seo, Dipali Shah, Afsheen Shansi, Irteza Shansi, Nan Shao, Sandra Shapiro, Preeti Sharma, Deirdre R Sheean, Allison Sheehan, Hala Sherif, Satya Shinde, Christine Shue, Sheryl Siegel, Kelly Silver, Maria Teresa Simao, Julie Simko, Margaret Simpson, Priyanka Singh, Prachi Singh, Maureen Smith, Steve Smith, Megan Smith, Ronald Snyer, Fernanda Sofio, Elizabeth Sosnowski, Gwen Spadafora, MaryLou Spang, Michele Spector, Aurelle Sprout, Vidhya Srinivasan, Balaji Srinivasan, Elizabeth Stamper, Kathryn Stoltzfus-Dueck, Jiaying Su, Satish Subramanian, Leslie and Andrew Sullivan, Kartik Sundar, Preethi Suresh Gautham, Bainy Suri, Arundhati Suryawanshi, Jo Sutera, Cecily Swanson, Masamitsu Takamoto, Joan Tampellini, Julie Tang, Michael Tas, Geeta Telang, Susan Tepping, Stephanie Thomas Halpin, Bob Thomson, Martin Timins, Rocio Titiunik, Milene Tomim, Mindy Trost, Joey Tsai, Gina Turner, Zina Umyn, Shruthi Vaidhyanathan, Shannon Van Meter, Varsha Vangapally, Sudhir Varma, Nilay Vashi, Maria Vasquez, Lakshmi Venkateshwar, Jorge Villaverve, Ragini Vuppugalla, Tirza Wahrman, Sujata Walsh, Rob Walzer, Ming Wang, Saira Wang, Albert Wang, Andrea Weeks, Jenny Weiner, Barbara and Stephen Weinfield, Daniel Weiss, Catherine A. Weiss, Xiaoying Wen, Susan L. Whittier, Nancy Trembley and Ken Wilkie, Kunika Wilkins, Kathryn C Williamson, Ilana Witten, Jackie Wizeman, Susan Wolf, Jaime An-Wong and Richard Wong, Yluska Yalkowsky, Clarice Yang, Kelly Yang, Jiyoun You, Marion Young, Timika Young, Jane Yuan, Theodore Yuen, April E Zay, Cindy Zegarski, Nur Zeinomar, Yong Zhang, Wenting Zhu, Deborah Ziment, Elisabetta Zodeiko


Anika Amin, Malini Amin, Jaime An-Wong , Sherri Andrews, Caroline Armstrong, Srishte Arvind, Sheetu Batra, Susan Bishop, Alina Bliach, Emily Buchalski, Jim Carvalho, Mikel Cirkus, Kate Eggleston, Carlo F Fiorentini, Gary David Fournier, Doreen Garelick, Sonia Gawas-Sarma, Aylin Green, Marzena Haupa, Robert Hummel, Callie Jacobs, Kaveri Kalawar, Denise Kendall, Nelly Kouzmina, Joy Kreves, Vedika Krishna, Renee , Lori Langsner, Margaret Lockman , Alison Lorenz, Christopher McNulty, Hetal Mistry, Abelardo Montano, Kate Mosley, Belahal Mukti, Aarti Nathan, Kristen Oberlin, Krista Oeckinghaus, Kiki Parry, William Plank, Rhinold Ponder, Adithi Prasad, Arleen Ramos-Szatmary, Rupa Sanbui, Laurie Schwartzer, Hema Shankar, Alok K Sharma, Margaret Simpson, Alice Sims-Gunzenhauser, Evelyn R Sutkowski, Theera Vachranukunkiet, Annelies Van Dommelen, Clifford Ward, Charles Webb, Theodore Yuen, NachNation, Skin Secrets, Edie Novak, Stumpy’s Hatchet House, Trader Joes, Turning Point

West Windsor Arts Council Program & Fundraiser Sponsors

We are grateful for the support of the following individuals and businesses who have sponsored specific programs that support the West Windsor Arts Council’s mission to transform the world around us through art. Thank you!

Program Sponsors

Ananta Creative Group
Bergamot Asset Management
Bhavna's Exclusive LLC
BMS Matching Gift Program
Brother's Pizza
Charles Schwab
Costangy, Brooks, Smith & Prophete
FLM Reprographics
Johnson & Johnson Matching Gift Program
New Jersey Cultural Trust
New Jersey Economic Development Authority
New Jersey State Council on the Arts
Non-profit Accounting Solutions
NRG Energy
Patel Brothers
Patidar Grocery
Princeton Area Community Foundation
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, Hamilton
Rustin Farms
Site Centers
Skin Secrets
Smile Society General
Stumpy's Hatchet House
Princeton Eye Group
Trader Joe's
Turning Point