Painting by Bob Barish. Pink peaonies

Open Call for Artists for our Summer Art Show

Throwback Summer

Exhibition dates: July 16 to Sept 7, 2024
Deadline to enter: June 11, 2024

As we roll into the sunshine months of the year, what are your favorite memories from summers past? The first dip in the pool with siblings, relishing flavors of popsicles while on a walk on the beach with friends, smoke from the family barbecue, or just a plain old backyard sunbathing? A scroll through Instagram under the hashtag throwback summer opens up a portal of lazy laid back beach days, ice-cream cones melting, screaming roller coasters, smiling children, flowery weddings, cool waters, and more.

There are moments from past summers we love looking back on and reliving. Let’s throwback to a summer feeling we would like to memorialize forever. Take inspiration from your summer moments and showcase them in your paintings, photographs, mixed media, and more for this show at West Windsor Arts.

Deadline to submit work: June 11, 2024
Drop off/send work: July 8 to 12, 2024
Exhibition dates: July 16 to Sept 7, 2024
Reception: Friday: July 19, 2024

Christine Ramirez Juror: Christine Ramirez, Executive Director of New Hope Arts
Christine Ramirez has dedicated her career to nurturing artistic expression and supporting the regional arts community. For over 17 years, she served as Exhibition Specialist at the New Hope Arts Center in New Hope, PA. In this role, Christine curated and mounted a multitude of shows, providing a platform for artists to showcase their work and fostering a vibrant artistic environment. 

Seeking new challenges, Christine briefly transitioned to the Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, PA, where she worked as a preparator. Here, she meticulously mounted museum exhibits, gaining valuable experience in the precise art of display and fabrication.

Driven by her passion for the arts and her deep connection to the organization, Christine returned to the New Hope Arts Center, this time as the Executive Director. In this leadership role, she brings a wealth of experience to guide the organization’s vision and support its mission of promoting and celebrating the arts.

Christine is also an accomplished artist who regularly takes on commission portrait work. Specializing in graphite and charcoal, she crafts lifelike portraits of both people and animals. Beyond her professional and creative pursuits, Christine cherishes her family life in Carversville, PA, alongside her husband, Dan, and their children, Riley (19) and Kirby (12), as well as their beloved pets.

*See note below about our blind jury process.


  • Open to artists over 18 years of age. 
  • Art must be in original form for the medium being submitted. Giclée or other reproductions of original work will not be accepted, unless the original is a photograph/print. Example: giclée of watercolor will not be accepted.
  • Art to be considered include paintings, drawings, sculpture, digital media, mixed media, photography or printmaking. Also works with interactive aspects are acceptable. West Windsor Arts will work with accepted artists to accommodate the mediums submitted.  
  • Art must be new to WWA and not have been displayed in previous shows.

Details and Art Specifications 

  • Submission Fees:  $20 for WWA members, $25 for all other
  • A maximum of 3 works may be submitted.
  • Art will be displayed at West Windsor Arts in the gallery, foyer, and online. 
  • There is no size limitation for art, however, size will be taken into consideration by the juror.
  • All artworks entered MUST include finished edges or be framed. Alternative presentations that are part of the artwork will be accepted however we must be able to hang or display the art. Typically all work must be wired across the back with picture hanging wire. Wire must be approximately 1/3 from top of frame. No saw-tooth hooks, ribbon, or tabletop picture frames with attached easel. Artwork must be labeled on the back with the artist’s name and title of the work. 
  • For videos and other digital media, we will need a version that can be downloaded.

Accepted Art

Entry of artwork and application for jury review constitutes an agreement between the artist and West Windsor Arts Council to the conditions set forth:

  1. Insurance coverage for accepted artwork begins upon completion of drop-off procedure on the designated date and time at West Windsor Arts and for the duration of the show.
  2. The juror and West Windsor Arts reserves the right to reject any work submitted at their discretion. The exhibit will be hung in the gallery and foyer at West Windsor Arts in a way that best showcases all the artists and art to be exhibited. Note: depending on size and space restrictions, not all work selected may be hung. Artists will be notified immediately following final installation of the exhibit if a selected work is not included or if any work submitted is not properly framed for hanging.
  3. Work not matching the digital images submitted will not be accepted.
  4. All artwork must remain in the show for the duration of the show.
  5. There will be set dates and times for drop off and pick up of accepted artwork. If you are shipping your art, prior arrangements must be made. Artwork must be sent with prepaid return postage and insurance coverage.

Sale of Art

  • West Windsor Arts will be responsible for processing and collecting the sale proceeds of art.
  • West Windsor Arts will retain 30% of the retail price as commission and pay the balance of 70% of sale. Artist Level Members receive a preferred split on gallery sales (75/25).
  • Payment for sold work will be made by check within 21 business days of close of the exhibit.

Note: West Windsor Arts retains the right to use the artist’s name and digital images of accepted artwork.

*This will be a blind jury process. This means that our juror(s) will not see the artists’ names while viewing the artwork during the jury process. To ensure this we ask that artist statements be written in the first person (use I, me, my instead of your name). The image should be labeled with only the title of the piece. Instructions will be in the entry form. Staff will ensure that what is sent to the juror(s) does not contain the artists’ names.

*It may be helpful to have the following information ready before you begin the form:
— Artist info: name as it will appear on wall labels, contact information, website (if applicable),
— Bio

For each artwork:
—Title, medium, dimensions, sale price or not for sale, insurance value (usually the same as the sale price)
—Artist statement about each artwork. (This might include why you created this piece of art, your inspiration as relevant to theme, materials used and/or your process, anything you would like to share about this work.) This statement should be specific to each piece of work uploaded and should not reference any other work. 
—Upload image (An image of each piece of artwork will need to be uploaded.  Make sure it is in focus and square to the frame.  Please rename the image file you are uploading to the following format: last name_first name_title of art.jpg.  Do not send an image file name that is just a string of numbers. If you need help to rename your image files, please call us.)
—WWA will work with accepted artists to accommodate the mediums submitted. Artwork must be in its original form for the medium being submitted.

Use this FORM to Submit
Pay your Submission Fee HERE