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Clara Beym                        1-clara-sue-beym.pixels.com

Clara Sue Beym likes to interpret the beauty of nature in bright colors, bold brush strokes and is very influenced by Impressionism. Clara Sue is a Signature Member of the Garden State Watercolor Society, is an active member at Ocean County Artist Guild, Pine Shores Art Association, Toms River Artists and West Windsor Arts Council.

Thomas Chiola


"Tom Chiola currently resides in the small suburban neighborhood known as Glen Afton part of the West Ward in Trenton. A retired educator at the age of 68, he is a self-taught artist but has had the opportunity to paint on sight with many other of Trenton’s fine artists. His work rides the cusp between abstract and expressionistic."

Gary David Fournier

I am motivated and inspired by love of the natural world, color, texture and composition. I love how my work gives me the opportunity to express myself in a variety of ways. Landscape, winter scenes, boats, rivers, seascapes, still life and architecture are my typical subjects.

Adriana Groza

Adriana is a visual artist born in Transylvania, Romania, currently living and working in Hamilton, NJ. She has worked in fluid acrylics since late 2017, focusing on creating abstract paintings on gallery-wrapped canvas. Her best works are active and imply movement across the space, or they emerge from, or descend into space for the observer. Her work has been included in public and private collections as well as publications in the US and Romania.

Marilyn Hansen tempewick57@yahoo.com

I received my degree in Fine Arts and have studied art, both in the U.S. and abroad.  I work in pastel, watercolor, acrylic and colored pencil, with pastel as my favorite medium.  As a dancer and equestrian, my artwork is inspired by my love of ballet, horses, music and nature.  I also enjoys doing pet portraits.  I feel I can get into the soul of the animal I paint, and bring so much joy to the owner.  Being able to paint a variety of subjects is what truly motivates me.  I am a member of the Pastel Society of America.

D.J. Haslett

D.J. Haslett is an award-winning artist, published poet, photographer and musician. Haslett is self-taught and started his art career in 1999. His work has been shown extensively in the regional area, The Da Vinci Gallery in Philadelphia, and in an International Exhibition in New York. View more artwork at djhaslett.com

Carole Jury

Carole Jury is a French born artist from Lyon and lives in Princeton. Working mainly in oils, she likes to play with materials to express herself. Her abstract paintings can be found in private collections in Europe, USA and is exhibited in major art fairs.

Margaret Kalvar-Bushnell facebook.com/catsnhorses

Margaret has studied  art throughout her working and retired life: Watercolor at SUNY/Purchase, charcoal and pastel drawing and painting in oils and acrylics at Artworks/Trenton and the Arts Council of Princeton.  Rendering landscapes, still lifes and portraits, she attempts to convey form and mood through color and composition.

Sneha M Kulkarni www.nrutyarpan.com

Sneha is West Windsor based Bharatanatyam Dancer and Guru. Sneha has been practicing Bharatanatyam for more than 20 years and performed in India and in the US. She has been teaching Bharatanatyam through her school - Nrutyarpan Dance School LLC which is also located in West Windsor

Judith A Mazzucco www.judymazzucco.com

Judith is an interdisciplinary artist working in mixed media, film, photography and words. Her praxis investigates interspecies relationships, the marginalizing effect of domestication and its effect upon creativity. She was an Art educator, Monmouth University alumna, M.F.A., New Media, Transart Institute, Danube University, Austria. Judith exhibits nationally and internationally.

Hetal Mistry 

Hetal's art uses various mediums like pencil colors and dry pastels on paper and acrylics on canvas. Her understanding of healing colors and love of nature’s abstraction has culminated in a unique style employing a self-taught ink-drop technique which forms the surrealistic, vibrant backgrounds of her work.

HeirloomCards by Tamerra Moeller

I make iris-folded cards for all occasions. Iris folding resembles the opening of the eye's iris or the eye of a camera. Washi (Japanese paper produced in cold, running water) composes each figure. The resulting paperwork is delicate and intricate.

Tatiana Oles                   ​www.artoles.com

Tatiana Oles was born in Chishinau, the Capital of Moldova. She graduated from Academic School of Fine Arts in Chisinau in 1979 and received a degree in Russian Language & Literature from the Moldova State University in 1989. She came to the United States in 2002. Her art including oil, acrylic, watercolor paintings, decorative art, children soft toys, ceramics, quilts, and wearable art has been sold to customers in more than 16 countries.

Helene Plank                    facebook.com/All-Buttoned-Up-by-Helene-Plank

Helene is a visual artist currently working in mixed media, specifically mosaics created from recycled buttons and beads hand-sewn onto canvas. She has exhibited in venues including West Windsor Arts Center, Mercer County Artists, New Hope Arts Center, Artists of Yardley, Capital Health at Hopewell, and others.

Christine Seo www.christineseo.com

Christine enjoys painting and her passion is the fine arts of equine, floral, and landscape. Painting and drawing has always been her most effective way to process experiences. Horses regularly appear in her paintings as they are both familiar and strange; awe-inspiring and elemental.

Margaret Simpson margaretsimpson-art.com

Margaret is a graphic artist and painter. She has exhibited with: Artworks Trenton, D&R Greenway Land Trust, Garden State Watercolor Society, Gourgaud Gallery, Lambertville Shad Fest, Mercer County Artists, NJ State History Fair, Ocean County Artists Guild, Phillips Mill, Prallsville Mills, West Windsor Arts Center, William Trent House, among others.

Chanika Svetvilas chanikasvetvilas.com

Chanika Svetvilas is an interdisciplinary artist who self-identifies as having a disability of bipolar disorder who shares lived experience as a way to create safe spaces, to disrupt stereotypes and to reflect on contemporary issues.