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Meta Dunkly Arnold artbymeta.com

Meta Arnold works in assemblage and mixed media. Many of her pieces are kinetic, interactive, and narrative, designed to lead the viewer on a journey of discovery. Her recent architectural assemblages are inspired by reliquaries and shrines. Meta also teaches art to young children, with a hands-on studio approach to art history. She sees making and teaching art as a perpetual treasure hunt to find the magical hidden in the ordinary.

Laura Berlik

My favorite medium is oil, although I occasionally choose pastel or aquarelle.  I have a close relationship with Holland and often use Dutch ruins and landscapes for inspiration. An interest in birding fuels my avian subjects, and I’m always happy doing portraits.

Manveen Bindra www.artstudiobymb.com

My journey with Art dates back to my school days. I had indulged in oil painting in my late teens. Through the years I have experimented with acrylics and pastels. My home adorns most of my paintings from past and present. I have also been teaching basic art techniques to children for the past 3 years. I have been able to grow my vision and confidence through them. I have indulged in various mediums including acrylics, oils, watercolor and Gouache. Recently I am exploring the world of Wall Murals and have had an absolute time creating this recent one! My love for creating has sometimes taken me beyond the canvas. I love baking and cooking something new in the kitchen every so often. I have taken a few classes at Arts council of Princeton and it has helped channel my creative energies through other mediums. Painting has always been my meditative zone. The process through which you isolate yourself from the outside world and you can control everything!

Thomas Chiola


"Tom Chiola currently resides in the small suburban neighborhood known as Glen Afton part of the West Ward in Trenton. A retired educator at the age of 68, he is a self-taught artist but has had the opportunity to paint on sight with many other of Trenton’s fine artists. His work rides the cusp between abstract and expressionistic."
Have you ever felt so excited that screaming with joy did not express your excitement enough? Have you ever felt so angry that going to the gym and punching a punching bag for an hour did not exhaust all your anger? If not joy or anger, maybe fear, sadness, envy or doubt. Those over-the-too, mind numbingly over powering feelings are what ignite my artwork.

Gary David Fournier

I am motivated and inspired by love of the natural world, color, texture and composition. I love how my work gives me the opportunity to express myself in a variety of ways. Landscape, winter scenes, boats, rivers, seascapes, still life and architecture are my typical subjects.

Kalyani Ganapathy www.artsee.app/kalyani

I make sculptures that represent people in various cultural contexts representing different professions and art forms. I only use recycled materials such as used bottles, cans, tin, empty inhaler/medication bottles, juice cans, water bottles, and other assorted containers etc for a base and newspaper, junk mail etc for the rest of the shape.

Joseph Goldfedder josephgoldfedder.com

As the creative process emerges through my drawing and sculpture, it feels as if I cross through a threshold from the ordinary world to the non-ordinary. A visual language of memory, symbols, dreams and imagery stirs within me and awakens cellular memories of ancient cultures. For me, the creative process is like a trance journey, one where I feel a connection to the descending energy of Spirit. From this journey fragments of artistic ideas begin to activate and emerge. I work to translate these visceral and subtle ideas into both two-dimensional and three-dimensional form.

Marilyn Hansen tempewick57@yahoo.com

I received my degree in Fine Arts and have studied art, both in the U.S. and abroad.  I work in pastel, watercolor, acrylic and colored pencil, with pastel as my favorite medium.  As a dancer and equestrian, my artwork is inspired by my love of ballet, horses, music and nature.  I also enjoys doing pet portraits.  I feel I can get into the soul of the animal I paint, and bring so much joy to the owner.  Being able to paint a variety of subjects is what truly motivates me.  I am a member of the Pastel Society of America.

D.J. Haslett

D.J. Haslett is an award-winning artist, published poet, photographer and musician. Haslett is self-taught and started his art career in 1999. His work has been shown extensively in the regional area, The Da Vinci Gallery in Philadelphia, and in an International Exhibition in New York. View more artwork at djhaslett.com

Christopher Mac Kinnon

In spite of having both a BFA and MA in Art Education, I consider myself to be primarily self taught as an artist. Not to say that there have not been outside influences: the well known local artist, Mel Leipzig, along with the accomplished plein air painter Scott Powers among them. My current artistic pursuits include the challenge of Plein Air Painting as well as occasional returns to my roots of abstraction and found object pieces. Visual art lets me speak to the world through my reaction and interpretation of what lies before as well as within me. My related interest is as a professional wheel instructor.

Merry Madover

My silver earrings and pendants are hand crafted one of a kind pieces created from fine silver or sterlingsilver Precious Metal Clay. I love pairing the silver pieces with the beauty of raw or polished gems, carved stones or baroque Kasumi pearls. Each finished piece is unique in its texture and patina, and quite wearable. My motivation comes from seeing my pieces worn and enjoyed. I also am motivated when I find some vintage items that I can incorporate into my work in a new way. I use Precious Metal Clay (PMC) in many of my pieces. It is a material that suspends metal particles such as silver in a non-toxic binder. This binder material was invented years ago in Japan and is a secret recipe containing products you would find in a kitchen cabinet. The PMC I use creates non toxic fumes when burned off in a kiln. I often use repurposed pieces from vintage and/or broken pieces. These may incluse vintage beads, gemstone carvings, hand-dyed silk strings, and old and interesting metal fragments. I enjoy the "hunt" for these things and the imagination and artistry it takes to re-use them. All of my metal scraps are labeled, weighed and sent off for recycling.

Susan Mitrano bluefoxstudio.net 

An artist working in many mediums, Sue Fox Mitrano currently creates Shibori textiles and nature-inspired linocut prints. Her hand-dyed silk, cotton and wool scarves are made with traditional Shibori techniques as well as original designs.  Sue’s printmaking is inspired by her love of nature and gardening.  She depicts flowers she finds while hiking trails, touring public gardens, and in her own perennial gardens. A native of West Windsor, Sue is also a certified K-12 Art Teacher with a BFA from Syracuse University and a BA in Art Education at The College of NJ, teaching in area public and private schools as well as West Windsor Arts!

HeirloomCards by Tamerra Moeller

I make iris-folded cards for all occasions. Iris folding resembles the opening of the eye's iris or the eye of a camera. Washi (Japanese paper produced in cold, running water) composes each figure. The resulting paperwork is delicate and intricate.
Trained as a graphic designer, Neelam never thought of painting abstracts. While running her successful floorcloth business she dreamed of creating paintings for wall. However because of the precision required in making floorcloths it was difficult for Neelam to let go of her neatness. However,  an unplanned immersion into spirituality released her from the comfort zone and gave her the courage to express feelings freely. The subjects and colors of her landscape paintings are influenced by nature’s inspirations reflected on her moods and impulses. While working in a meditative state, she shares her inner spirit with the viewers. Her works are inspired by earth, water, wind, fire and space as viewed through the prism of her soul.

Helene Plank                    facebook.com/All-Buttoned-Up-by-Helene-Plank

Helene is a visual artist currently working in mixed media, specifically mosaics created from recycled buttons and beads hand-sewn onto canvas. She has exhibited in venues including West Windsor Arts Center, Mercer County Artists, New Hope Arts Center, Artists of Yardley, Capital Health at Hopewell, and others.

Kate Pollack

Kate Pollack is a lifelong resident of Lawrenceville, NJ. Her art career began as a child studying Monart under the late Judy Gimbel. Kate later went on to learn photography from friends and family. Today, she experiments with all different mediums and enjoys working on art projects alongside her children.

Christine Seo www.christineseo.com

Christine enjoys painting and her passion is the fine arts of equine, floral, and landscape. Painting and drawing has always been her most effective way to process experiences. Horses regularly appear in her paintings as they are both familiar and strange; awe-inspiring and elemental.
I am interested in abstraction - in paring down objects to their simplest forms. A recent train trip across the country, as well as spending part of each year in New Orleans have played a large part in my current choice of subject matter: the architectural smorgasbord that is found around every corner of New Orleans and the treasured gardens offer a fantastic array of shapes and colors. The challenge, however, is to find the essence of each object and/or the parts of a whole that are often overlooked. Sometimes I try to accomplish this through the use of patterns or by limiting my color palette; and other times I pay close attention to differences. For me, adding and subtracting, applying layers and textures, and then hunting for hidden interlocking patterns is where the excitement lies.
"Sharing beauty, serenity, inspiration, and even drama  with others drives me to paint. My abstract, acrylic, multi-layered  paintings are my dreamscapes -  evocative of the varied land and  seascapes which inspire me. I prefer to paint from my imagination and  intuition rather than a picture or sketch."

Margaret Simpson margaretsimpson-art.com

Margaret is a graphic artist and painter. She has exhibited with: Artworks Trenton, D&R Greenway Land Trust, Garden State Watercolor Society, Gourgaud Gallery, Lambertville Shad Fest, Mercer County Artists, NJ State History Fair, Ocean County Artists Guild, Phillips Mill, Prallsville Mills, West Windsor Arts Center, William Trent House, among others.