West Windsor Arts Presents Faculty and Student Show

Exhibition from June 6th to July 15th, 2023
Opening Reception Friday, June 9th, 2023 from 7-8:30 p.m.
Free and open to the public


The Faculty Student Art Show at West Windsor Arts will celebrate the work of teaching artists and their students created in a class or workshop at WWA during 2022 summer camps, and the Fall, Winter, or Spring sessions of the 2022-2023 class year.  The exhibition will run from June 6th to July 15th, with a free opening reception and recognition of Certificate of Fine Arts (CiFA) students on Friday, June 9th from 7-8:30 pm at West Windsor Arts.

Each year talented teaching artists and the outstanding work created by students, both youth and adults, is honored by showcasing their work in a culminating exhibition, the Faculty and Student Art Show

Teaching Artists comprise a wonderful group of talented and accomplished individuals in their field and community. Small class sizes offer plenty of opportunities for one-on-one instruction with supportive staff, providing each student with a personalized learning experience. WWA nurtures creative and independent thinkers, who benefit from work in the arts and guidance of their Teaching Artists. They could not be prouder of their artists, Teaching Artists, and all of their accomplishments throughout the past year. No matter the difficulties of everyday life, the non-profit aims to offer a safe place where students and teachers can leave their worries behind and feel empowered by their art. 

Faculty highlighted in the exhibition include: Zakia Aziz Ahmed, Jaime An-Wong, Audrey Jakab, Lori Langsner, Yun Li, Eleni Litt, Katie Truk, Pratibha Raju, Anusha Saran, Soman-Risbud

Adult students featured in the show include: Michael B*, Tammy Dawkins, Joelle*, Kati, Michael I*, Aarti Nathan, Rupa Sanbui, Sreelekhya*, Maryanne Quinn, Larry W*, Barbara Weinfield

*Eden Autism Participants

Eden Autism Services is a leading provider of educational and therapeutic Applied Behavior Analysis services to children and adults with autism in NJ. Students from this group are adults of varying ages, and participate in visual arts activities planned by West Windsor Arts Teaching Artists. According to Bridgette Connolly, Director of Day and Employment Services at Eden Autism, “It is important for our guys to be out in the community, engaging and having a good time.” The arts center is the perfect place for this to happen.

Youth students featured in the show include: Rhodia Algeri, Allora Chandhok, Cayla Cheung, Natalia Cervantes-Ramirez, Shraddha Dharma, Jenna Rose Doyle, Srinya Gottipati, Inigo Hodge, Mingyu Huang, Niam Jain, Rushabh Kondraju, Annabel Lee, Olivia Luddy, Eleanore Magulak, Lucas Nelson, Nozomi Pugh, Jahnavi Rastogi, Benjamin T. Rosenberg, Aathiraa Senthilkumaran, Nidhi Shivashankar, Abinitha Vasanthan, Brian Xu, Luke Zhong

When describing her experience, adult student Tammy Dawkins explains, “I developed a love for oil painting while attending my first art class at the West Windsor Library in 2011.  Then I connected with the West Windsor Arts Council and have studied oil painting with Zakia Ahmed for several years. I enjoy exploring new techniques and mixing of vivid colors for a variety of landscape and seascape paintings.  I continue to study and learn with each class and am grateful for Zakia and her outstanding guidance.”

Other artists featured in the show include 7-year old Inigo Hodge and his oil pastel, Different Apples: Green, Red, Yellow. His goal for the piece was to make the apples look 3D. Youth artist Cayla Cheung displays her watercolor, The Sunset, a peaceful scene with a man rowing a boat thinking, “I wish I brought my fishing rod! I really want to go fishing.” Teaching artist Audrey Jakab’s love for fall leaves inspires Fall Dance, a study of the oak leaf shape through the interesting use of design and color. 


Inigo Hodge applesCayla Cheung_The Sunset .jpgAudrey Jakab_Fall Dance

The above three pictures are by Inigo Hodge, Cayla Cheung, and Audrey Jakab. The featured image at the top of the article is by Barbara Weinfield.

This year West Windsor Arts is especially pleased to present twenty-eight youth students with the Certificate of Fine Arts (CiFA) program. CiFA students select either a Visual Arts or a Performing Arts track and progress from two years of foundational education to more advanced coursework within their area of study. It is an elective program where students with a commitment to achievement in the arts grow their passion, learn to take risks, and improve their personal and creative skills. This program has become the backbone to the art education programs offered. The works presented in this exhibition reflect the exceptional work and growth of the artists over this past year.  

West Windsor Arts is proud to announce the following students have completed the Foundation 1 program towards their Certificate in Fine Arts: Rhodia Algeri, Cayla Cheung, Shraddha Dharma, Simran Fernandez, Elena Golikov, Mingyu Huang, Niam Jain, Lev Jonikas, Eyal Kestenbaum, Annabel Lee, Lilyann Lee, Sravya Maddali, Sahana Paruchuri, Stellan Patel, Liya Prakasam, Nozomi Pugh, Krish Rajan, Aathiraa Senthilkumaran, Simon Sharkey, Nidhi Shivashankar, Hazel Weiner, Melody Weiner, James Yong, Luke Zhong. Accomplishing Foundation 2 students include: Nevin Benjamin, Jenna Doyle, Melody Saldarini. Accomplishing Journey 1 students include: Ada Lee. 

The fifth year of CiFA will begin Fall 2023. Students will continue to be offered exciting and challenging programs. Popular foundation classes currently include Drawing and Watercolor studios. 

About West Windsor Arts: The West Windsor Arts mission is to cultivate the artist within us all, while inspiring a creative community that is engaged, inclusive, and equitable. For more information on West Windsor Arts, please visit www.westwindsorarts.org. Office and gallery hours are by appointment. Call 609.716.1931 or write info@westwindsorarts.org.