Art Exhibition Member Show: Yesterday Today Tomorrow
Exhibition from March 28 to June 3, 2023
Opening Reception Friday, March 31, 2023, 7-8:30pm

West Windsor, NJ (March 26, 2023) – Life revolves around change, the passage of time, and hope. Change is a constant that occurs everywhere and has so throughout time. Perhaps most importantly, time and change result in something new, different, and beautiful, and often with  hope for the future. For this exhibition, West Windsor Arts invited their member artists to explore and express the idea of change and the passage of time as they relate to personal experiences or observations in the springtime art exhibition, Yesterday Today Tomorrow. The art exhibition is on view at West Windsor Arts during operating hours or by appointment. The juror was Katie Truk, a NJ-based artist and teaching artist.  Awards for Best in Show, Best Use of Medium and Exhibition Committee Choice will be announced at the opening. 

Juror, Katie Truk, is a NJ-based multi-media artist and teacher.  Truk creates colorful and enchanting three-dimensional work with pantyhose encased in a wire structure using a sewing needle and thread to bind the swirling forms. Her pieces are a marriage of sensual malleability of pantyhose and the rigidity of wire where internal conversation and motion are induced within the static confine of her sculptures. As she states, “Thread binds and extends the aggression and vulnerability, echoing life’s twists, turns, and pulling within our rigorous regulations and expectations.” Truk’s work has been featured in over 100 solo and group shows.  

Highlights of the many extraordinary works in the exhibition include “Moment” by Joseph Goldfedder (featured above), “…the hospice nurse told us that [my father] could hear us and was conscious of his surroundings. While he slept, I made a series of drawings and in the process I felt I was blending my past with the present. He was my muse after all, and these drawings and colors speak to the intensity of emotions between us.” The work is done in watercolor pens and reflects Goldfedder’s freestyle use of mark making and color. 

Neelam Padte_Tomorrow is Today’s Dream

“Tomorrow is Today’s Dream” is a mixed media piece by Neelam Padte. Padte explains how it relates to the theme of the show by stating, “While we experience different things in each time period, they are all part of the same overall journey through time. Our imagination and actions brought us to where we are and will determine the future of this beautiful blue planet.” Padte’s geometric paintings start with pencil sketches, then use computer skills to create multiple digital representations before painting the final composition on canvas. 

Reflections in an Autumn Pond by Wendy Wilson

Wendy Wilson dyes silk and cotton fabric to print her digital creations. She states, “…each fabric is different, in the way they feel, the way they take dye or paint, the way they drape. At the same time, I was doing some design work with software. It was a natural move to start printing those designs on silk and cotton. I like the precision that I can achieve with computer-based designs.” “Reflections in an Autumn Pond” is a hand drawing printed on silk. The semi-transparent organza layered over the silk satin gives a sense of movement and dimensionality.

Exhibiting Artists: Brigitte A. Calderon, Zakia  Aziz Ahmed , Meta Dunkly Arnold, Linda Barton, Manveen Bindra, Magda Dodd, Ilene Dube, Jayme Fahrer, Carlo Fiorentini,  Gary David Fournier, S.J. Freeman, Joseph Goldfedder, Janice Gossman, Lisa Gottesman, Barry Hantman, D.J. Haslett, Marzena Haupa, Audrey Jakab & Alejandro Berlin, Margaret Kalvar Bushnell, Donna M. Kaye, Nelly Kouzmina, Joy Kreves, R. Kumar, Lori Langsner, Sonya Legg, Eleni Litt, Christopher Mac Kinnon, Sheila Mashaw, Hetal Mistry, Mita, Neelam Padte, Deborah W. Pey, Helene Plank, William Plank, Kate Pollack, Karen E Repka, Francine Roche Kay, Rupa Sanbui, Martin Schwartz, Rooma Sehar, Alok Sharma, Kelly Silver, Margaret Simpson, Barbara Weinfield, Andrew Werth, and Wendy Wilson.