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Ode to New Jersey Art Show

Dates of Exhibition: August 29 to October 28

Opening Reception: Friday, September 8, 7-8:30 pm

Join us for our Fall art show, Ode to New Jersey. New Jersey was given the nickname of The Garden State almost spontaneously back in the 1920s however lately it has been referred to as the Diner capital of the world. It has been etched in history as being at ‘Crossroads of Revolution’ with Battle of Trenton being one of the pivotal moments in the American Revolutionary War. It holds the distinction of having the first complete dinosaur skeleton ever found to be in Haddonfield, and loves to brag about having the longest ever boardwalk (located in Atlantic City). It is famous for the Jersey tomato, cranberry bogs and growing blueberries (the state’s official fruit). The state is dynamic and ever changing.

The heritage and vibe of this place has vastly different meanings to each one of us. West Windsor Arts invited artists to explore the connection to this state by crafting an open call to artists for Ode to New Jersey Art Show.

Contributing Artists
Gary Becker, Scott Brustein, Ann Marie Fitzsimmons, Irene Freeman, Barry Hantman, Robert Hazzon, Joelle Hofbauer, David LaMorte, Eleni Litt, Dave Magyar, Beth Malonoski, Marge Miccio, William Plank, Kate Pollack, Tracy Pollock, Bruce Rigby, Donna Ruane Rogers, Yvonne Rondinone, John S. Rounds, René Kammeyer Seeland, Jennifer Tungol, Karen J Waller, and Laura Warne

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We encourage you to come in to see the show in person.
Plus you can join the fun by marking our NJ map with your favorite location, memory or a fun fact, or get your kids involved with our crossword puzzle based on the art in the show. It is sort of a look at the art to find the answers puzzle.

These wacky and engaging activities were create by our Exhibition Committee.

The gallery is open on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm and during the week by appointment.

Check out the Press Release for Ode to New Jersey

Jurors: Weird NJ creators Mark Sceurman and Mark Moran

 Mark Sceurman & Mark Moran Publishers, Editors, Everything for Weird NJ

Mark and Mark corresponded for a few years by mail regarding weird NJ places and New Jersey in general. Sceurman thought Mora’s stories were perfect fodder for his fanzine, and when Mora sent him some of his photography, he was really impressed. It was dark, moody and captured that eerie feeling that was missing in WNJ. Sceurman gave him a call and said “let’s take a road trip,” and spent the day photographing various New Jersey weirdities. They ended up drunk at the Franklin Tavern in West Orange where we decided to spearhead the occasional issue of Weird NJ into something they thought would really give the Department Of Tourism a run for its money.

Featured Artist in gallery above: Beth Malonoski, Donna Ruane Rogers, Karen J Waller, Marge Miccio, William Plank