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Learning to Fly by Lori Fol
Jersey Devil by Kate Pollack
Mom & Dad Return to Luna Park by Ilene Dube

Jump into Pictures

Dates of the Exhibition:  July 18 to August 26
Exhibition Opening: Friday, July 21 from 7 to 8:30pm at West Windsor Arts

Join us for our Summer art exhibition, Jump into Pictures: Children’s Book Illustrations. Even before children learn to speak, they are enthralled by the world around them… lights, colors and sounds in graphical motion. Children’s books play an important supporting role in shaping a child into the adult they will become. As parents patiently teach language to their kids, they reach for the illustrations in baby books to connect a word to a picture. With their curiosity piqued, children devour picture books and simple stories, while connecting to their daily routines. As they grow, so do the illustrations, from showing the obvious to showcasing new ideas. These images also do the work of opening a Pandora’s box of imagination and concepts for them.

To view the press release for this exhibition, visit 2023 Jump Into Pictures Art Show.

Jump into Pictures Activities for All – We are making this a must see art show with fun activities everyone can participate in all summer long. These are open to and encouraged for kids and adults. To participate, come to the opening or any Saturday during the show between 10am and 4pm.
Photo-Op: Let’s invoke the child in all of us! Dress up as your favorite character from a beloved children’s book (or really any book will do) and support “Jump into Pictures,” our summertime art exhibition. Come to the arts center dressed as your favorite character and bring a copy of the book. Use our photo-op to memorialize your enthusiasm and add the photo to our Favorite Book Character frame. We are kicking this off at the opening on July 21, so come prepared with costume and book!
I Spy: We will also have an “I Spy – Jump into Pictures” game which will challenge all ages.

Contributing Artists: Ilene Dube, Lori Fol, Marzena Haupa, Mita, BoFeng Lin, Eleni Litt, Deborah Pey, Kate Pollack, Georgina Ramirez, Jane Reed, and Rupa Sanbui. Both of our jurors, Rashad Malik Davis and Kelly Lan, have work in the show as well.

Featured artists with images above, left to right: Lori Fol, Kate Pollack and Ilene Dube.

Jump into Pictures catalog



To view all the artwork in the show and to purchase art, click on the catalog image.

We encourage you to come in to see the show in person. We have the published books from 3 of the artists. Plus we have the artists’ stories and narratives for their art.

There is a lot of imagination in our gallery, allowing the viewer to “Jump into Pictures” in a big way.

The gallery is open on Saturdays from 10am to 4pm.



Whimsical Wonder Award: Transport viewers to magical and imaginative worlds.
Learning to Fly by Lori Fol

Awarded to Lori Fol for Learning to Fly

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Artistic Innovation Award: Celebrating illustrations that demonstrate unique and innovative artistic techniques.
Elizabeth Murry's Monkey by Deborah Pey

Awarded to Deborah Pey for Elizabeth Murray’s Monkey

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Jurors: Rashad Malik Davis and Kelly Lan

Rashad Malik Davis

Rashad Malik Davis – RaMalik Illustrations, illustrator, author, and character designer: Rashad is an award-winning author/illustrator and entrepreneur currently pursuing his dream!  He loves to explore themes of magic, the mystic, empathy, emotional literacy, and DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) in his work most often – but in a fun and humorous way!  Check out his website: RaMalik Illustrations

Jump Into Pictures Art Show art show

Kelly Lan, art director, graphic designer, and entrepreneur: Kelly is a Taiwanese American experience designer and founder of Hello Prosper, an arts education brand empowering the youth through storytelling. Her work amplifies the rich experiences and intersections of Asian and Western culture. She loves diving into topics about identity and belonging, especially through the historical and cultural lens.