Each year WWAC honors their talented teaching artists and the outstanding work done by their students, both youth and adults, by showcasing their work in a culminating exhibition, the Faculty Student Art Show.  This year is extra special as this is the first year many of the youth students are part of the Certificate of Fine Arts (CiFA) program, what has become the backbone to the arts education classes offered at WWAC.  The young students in the CiFA classes have shown exceptional growth over the course of the year which can be seen in their artwork.  Through sequential learning and skill building, students select the Visual Arts or Performing Arts CiFA track and make a commitment to achievement in the arts. Students in these classes have progressed through foundational classes in their chosen track and are ready to advance to the upper levels of achievement.  Kirsten Sanford, Education Manager, “I congratulate all our students for their achievement this past year and look forward to seeing everyone again in the fall!” West Windsor Arts Council is proud to announce the following students have completed the Foundation 1 program towards their Certificate in Fine Arts: Allegra Alexander, Aakarsha Ardey, Katie Blair, Natalie Braynor, Srinya Gottipati, Matthew David Mehno, Sebastian Monti ,Annabelle Nguyen, Victoria Rafikova, and Maya Shue.

CiFA is the West Windsor Arts Council’s Certificate in Fine Arts, where students are invited to make a commitment to participate in our visual or performing arts classes. For each program a student participates in, they will earn one point. Once they have achieved three points, a student has then completed a foundational program.  Throughout the year, students have participated in programs such as Voice Training, Drawing, and Digital Illustration, just to mention a few. Their commitment to the program has allowed them to successfully achieve new skill sets and a passion for learning in their respective programs. Our second year of CiFA will begin Fall 2020. Students will see new and exciting programs to participate in, such as theatre, sculpture, and more digital arts programs. Current popular foundation classes, such as drawing, watercolor, and musical theatre will continue to be offered into the fall as well.

Artwork: Youth Artist Allegra Alexander, Pack a Snack, colored pencils and a shading pencil, Drawing III with Teaching Artist Emily Buchalski