If you live, work or attended school in the West Windsor and Princeton area then the names Louis Josephson, Howard Alter, and Dr. Lew Gantwerk just might be familiar to you. These names are also about to become familiar to everyone in the New York City theater scene with the opening of Relapse: A New Musical, performances in September.

Louis Josephson

Josephson, the composer for Relapse, attended school in West Windsor and is about to graduate from The Juilliard School. He is a musical prodigy and remembers from an early age listening to different music styles ranging from classic rock in the car with his parents to classical music at a concert hall with his grandmother. He states, “I have so much gratitude that I had the opportunity to grow up in West Windsor. So much of my development is attributable to the West Windsor Schools music and theater program and support we received from the community that generously attended our shows. My teachers always supported my interests and helped me build a musical foundation. It was a great advantage to grow up in a community where the arts were so encouraged. I attribute the programming of West Windsor Arts as a significant component of what makes it cool to be an artist in West Windsor.”


Howard Alter, Producer on Relapse: A New MusicalHoward Alter, lead producer of Relapse and Managing Partner at Roundview Capital, is a long time resident of West Windsor currently living and working in the area. He is a supporter of the arts and is thrilled to be working on Relapse. According to Alter, “I am excited to work with such a gifted team and share this important story of the struggle to regain mental health. The powerful score and intelligent book are in the tradition of musicals such as Rent and Next to Normal.  We look forward to sharing Relapse: A New Musical with New York City audiences for a limited run this September.”

Alter, through work and personal life, connects to the importance of mental health and a love for theater, and has figured out a way to bring these things together. Alter’s professional work specialization includes families with special needs and planning out mental health supports. He also fondly remembers his childhood experiences with the theater, “My parents had limited resources for arts and entertainment when we were children but always managed to take my brother and I to see a spring and a fall show in NY.”  As lead producer of Relapse, he is able to bring both of these things together. Relapse is an honest look at mental health presented as a musical, taking the viewer on a journey. With this production, Alter was able to fulfill a personal mission of making sure the next generation has exposure to original work that reflects the issues and challenges that they face.

Dr. Lew Gantwerk, the mental health consultant for Relapse, is a distinguished Doctor of Psychology residing in West Windsor since 1972. Although professionally retired now, he is the 2011 recipient of Rutgers University’s Peterson Prize: The Peterson Prize is presented to Rutgers’ alumni who have made outstanding contributions to professional psychology. Gantwerk is also an actor. He has been in several local productions, most recently in a production of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. He is thrilled to be a part of Relapse and their task of representing mental health.

RELAPSE: A NEW MUSICAL, follows the journeys of Adam, Bryan, Melinda, and Kendra as they navigate the adversities of mental health on their path to recovery. Guided by Dr. Carlis and Nurse Margot, this group of patients, welcome Adam and bid farewell to long-time patient Bryan. The musical delves into the emotional, psychological, and social conflicts that arise in such a group therapy-type setting and the character’s transformations as they seek help, confront their demons, and embark on a path to recovery. The future is calling them, but in order to move forward they have first to let go of the past.

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