We were very saddened to learn of Dick Snedeker’s passing this weekend. Dick was a founder of the West Windsor Arts Council and was committed to the ongoing success of this community resource. His full obituary is available HERE.

Families paint Dick Snedeker’s “Fabulous Forms” at Autumn Arts Afternoon.

A message from Aylin Green, Executive Director
“I first met Dick when I became director of the West Windsor Arts Council five years ago. His enthusiasm for the arts council was immediately apparent through his ongoing support of the Autumn Arts Afternoon festival where Dick organized and oversaw the painting of his plywood sculptures or “fabulous forms” by local children and families attending the annual event.

During his frequent visits to the arts center, I got to know Dick and was just amazed by all he accomplished in his life, as well as by the vigor and creativity that he maintained into his 90s! When I met him 5 years ago he was still known to take a jog around the neighborhood, write regularly for the newspaper column, and was busy in his workshop. One day, I had the fortune to be invited to his home for a visit where I saw first-hand many of his projects, including a frame that he had constructed for a special print. What was unique about his construction was that he did not just purchase beveled wood to fit together for the frame, he actually cut, sharpened, and created a metal plane that would cut bevels into the wood to his specifications.

Around the art center, we are the beneficiaries of many of Dick’s wonderful constructions. They include the drying rack in our studio, the old room dividers, and our donation box which is a replica of the firehouse in which the art center is located. I am so glad that we were able to celebrate Dick several times during his lifetime, most recently by hosting a surprise 90th birthday party. Dick’s life was an inspiration and on behalf of the West Windsor Arts Council community, we send his family our deepest condolences.”