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Red, yellow and green apples on a blue table with a red background
2023 Faculty and Student Art Show art show
2023 Faculty and Student Art Show art show

Featured Artists: Inigo Hodge, Barbara Weinfield, Yun Li

Art Show for our 2023 Faculty and Students

Dates of the Exhibition:  June 6 to July 15
Exhibition Opening: Friday, June 9 from 7 to 8:30pm at West Windsor Arts

 The Faculty and Student Show will celebrate the work of WWA teaching artists and their students. It is always exciting to see what everyone has been working on during the past year and all our students and teachers will get at least 1 piece of art in the show.  WWA will also recognize the achievements of all Certificate of Fine Arts (CiFA) students.  One student’s work will be selected to become part of our permanent collection at WWA.


Exhibiting Artists:

YouthChildren painting paper mache giraffes
*Rhodia Algeri, Natalia Cervantes-Ramirez, Allora Chandhok , *Cayla Cheung, *Shraddha Dharma,
*Jenna Doyle, Srinya Gottipati, Inigo Hodge, *Mingyu Huang, *Niam Jain, Rushabh Kondraju, *Annabel Lee, Olivia Luddy, Eleanore Magulak, Lucas Nelson, *Nozomi Pugh, Jahnavi Rastogi , Benjamin T. Rosenberg, *Aathiraa Senthilkumaran, *Nidhi Shivashankar , Abhinitha Vasanthan, Brian Xu, *Luke Zhong


Students Painting in oil paint

Kati, Aarti Nathan, Maryanne Quinn, Rupa Sanbui , Barbara Weinfield





Teacher instructing a painting class

Teaching Artists
Jaime An-Wong (Assistant Teacher, Eden Adult Classes), Zakia Aziz Ahmed (Guided Oil Painting), Audrey Jakab (Eden Adult Classes), Lori Langsner (The Art of Oil Painting), Yun Li (Realism Oil Figure Painting), Eleni Litt (Nature Journaling for Everyone), Pratibha Raju (Drawing and Painting), Anusha Saran (Foundations Artscape) Soman (Watercolor Techniques), Katie Truk (Draw, Paint, Sculpt!)



2023 Faculty and Student Art Show art show
en Students: Michael B, Michael I, Joelle, Sreelekhya, Larry W

*Eden Autism Services is a leading provider of educational and therapeutic Applied Behavior Analysis services to children and adults with autism in NJ. Students from this group are adults of varying ages, and participate in visual arts activities planned by West Windsor Arts Teaching Artists



2023 Faculty and Student Art Show art show*Certificate of Fine Arts Recipients
Rhodia Algeri, Nevin Benjamin, Meko Builee, Cayla Cheung, Shraddha Dharma, Jenna Doyle, Simran Fernandez, Elena Golikov, Mingyu Huang, Niam Jain, Lev Jonikas, Eyal Kestenbaum, Ada Lee, Lilyann Lee, Annabel Lee, Sravya Maddali, Sahana Paruchuri, Stellan Patel, Liya Prakasam, Nozomi Pugh, Krish Rajan, Melody Saldarini, Aathiraa Senthilkumaran, Simon Sharkey, Nidhi Shivashankar, Hazel Weiner, Melody Weiner, Laela Yan, James Yong, Luke Zhong


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