Cirkus Diurnus: Sketchbooks of a Traveling Artist

from inside the mind of Creative Tastemaker & Trend Spotter, MIKEL CIRKUS

August 20 through September 7, 2018

Reception: Artist’s Opening on August 25, 2018 from 4 – 8 pm
with Live Music from Dark Whiskey and DJ ItsJustAhmad

Announcing Cirkus Diurnus, a playful and profound exhibit of journals and sketchbooks. We invite you to explore the creative process of cultural anthropologist and trend spotter Mikel Cirkus, in Cirkus Diurnus: Sketchbooks of a Traveling Artist.” Come to appreciate one individual’s creative journey. From cities around the world, in 63 journals spanning nearly 40 years, Mikel set out to capture moments between the thought, the pen and the paper—magic that is slipping away from our increasingly digital worlds.

“The beauty of keeping a journal is that you may literally see thought coming to page,” says Mikel. “The pages develop from brain to heart to hand, to pen to paper.”

A premier art show, Cirkus Diurnus features professional notes, personal reflections, quotes, and drawings.

The exhibit features five distinct Acts:

1 Fecundity (Our Shared Human Experience)

2 Flying Cirkus (Musings While Cocooned on Airplanes)

3 Rock Dove (A “Coming of Age” Diary)

4 Oenotes (Wine Journals)

5 Signature (Celebrity Encounters)

Mikel believes we all walk around with pages in our heads, yet we are rarely inclined to take time and bear witness to our thoughts by writing them down. He lives by Leonardo DaVinci’s mantra: “God forbid I forget my ideas.”

“You can’t predict the outcome of the sketch or thought you put down on the page,” says Mikel.

Mikel will be on hand throughout the evening of the Opening Reception on Saturday, August 25th to answer questions and share stories about his inspired works, over wine, small plates, and live music, curated by the artist himself.

Exclusive two-part class and workshop

Journaling Your Journey with Mikel Cirkus, on Wednesday September 5, 2018 and Wednesday September 12, 2018 from 6:30 – 8 p.m. This class will teach attendees to take notes using design thinking and artistic mind-mapping to capture thoughts and ideas, unplugged.

Open to ages 14 and up. Class size is limited.

Register HERE


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February 1, 2018